As a student at UOG, you’ve joined a community with sustainability at its heart.

Sustainability is not just about greening the campus or boring stereotypes – it’s about the excitement of creativity, innovation and working together to change the status quo, so we can all think, learn and work differently to shape a better future for people and the planet. 

You can get actively involved in our sustainability culture. Here are some top actions to take: 

Live Smart 

Live in smarter ways that have a positive impact on your wellbeing, save you money, improve your local community, and benefit the planet. You can: 

-Read more and discover top tips on the Live Smart blog  

-Get involved in the campus gardens  

-Join the Live Smart community  

-Listen to ‘Live Smart Investigates’ podcast  

-Write blogs and produce social media for a commission  

-Follow on Instagram  

Join a society or get involved with the SU 

Students are leading change in the University, local community and further afield. Be part of leading change: 

Be inspired 

Sustainability is increasingly critical for careers in all sectors. Creative, dynamic learning experiences can give you the real-world insights you need to understand the challenges of sustainability in industry. 

Are you learning about sustainability in your course? Find out what your course is doing on the sustainability website or via your tutor. Or speak to your course rep about the changes you’d like to see. 

Discover what’s happening behind the scenes 

The University of Gloucestershire is internationally recognised for its pioneering approach, expertise and significant performance in sustainability. 

-Find out more about progress and current projects 

-Read about the University’s strategy to go Net Zero by 2030  

-Take a look at the latest Annual Report  

-Follow on Twitter and Facebook  


Be an influencer 

Be the change you want to see and influence others while doing so. Here are some top actions to take: 

-Walk, cycle or take the bus (and save money by not driving!) 

-Check out your bin situation and try to ensure that anything that can be recycled is correctly disposed of 

-Mix up your diet and try a plant-based meal a few times a week 

-Cook with flatmates to save money, time and energy (and have fun!) 

-Think, do you really need it? Buy only what you need and share with friends to reduce waste and save money 

-Use your voice to bring the changes you want to see and stand up to stereotypes 

-Spend smart – choose Fairtrade, ethical brands and independent sellers 

-Reuse, repair and upcycle – make the most of old items, visit Cheltenham repair cafe or check out these tips from Save the Student

-Donate unwanted items to charity shops – you can use the British Heart Foundation bins on campus.