Assessment Tips

Here are some top tips from Your Education officer for assessment:


  • Preparation – use or make revision tools to suit your learning.
  • Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat – A healthy, balanced, active lifestyle keeps you more awake, able to concentrate & increase oxygen to the brain.
  • Organise yourself – Check your exam timetable on your student records.

Group work

  • Set short term targets and long term targets!
  • When organising to meet think about when, where and what time.
  • Make meeting notes of what has happened.
  • If a member isn’t contributing then speak to your module tutor.
  • Attend Helpzone study skills workshops.


  • Confidence is vital.
  • Smile, speak clearly and use good eye contact.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Attend Helpzone study skills workshops.

Still struggling? Speak to a member of the SU or the Helpzone.