To be clear we would never encourage anyone to do anything illegal and most of the time when a person talks about drug use they're talking about either an illegal substance or misusing a perscribed drug. As we all know from the horror stories, misuse of drugs can bring anything from losing your degree, to a criminal record, to increased mental health problems, and to the most extreme, death.

But, if you are going to misuse drugs, we’d prefer you know the facts.

Talk to Frank in an amazing resource which contains a whole host of information on drug use from what risks are involved to what drugs should absolutely not be mixed.

Whilst there may be some ways to minimise the short-term risks of taking drugs such as:

  • Understanding what you’re taking and the effect this will have on you
  • Making sure you’re with people you trust and feel comfortable with
  • Ensuring you don’t mix the drugs you take – avoid “cocktails” of different drugs
  • Staying hydrated
  • ...but there is no way to ensure you'll be safe taking drugs and the affect people differently

You can try and prepare yourself for how a particular drug will affect you by understanding what different drugs do. However, bear in mind that:

  • No recreational drug is ‘pure’ – and you can’t prepare for your reaction to what the drug has been mixed with
  • You can never be 100% of how you’re going to react to a drug
  • Mental health issues such as psychosis or depression can be exacerbated or even triggered by drug use

Talk to Frank has an A-Z list of drugs and their common effects. It also has real people giving their real opinions of what it’s like to take drugs.

If you need help or you are concerned about yours or a friends Drug addition then please talk to the HelpzoneFrank or your GP.