Meet the UOGWRFC 2021/22 Committee
Club Captain: Molly Hadfield
Vice Club Captain: Frances Fox
Community and Welfare Officer: Emily Drew
Marketing Sec: Beth Nicholls and Enya Lackie
Social Sec: Amy Boswell and Terri Packington
Join one of the fastest growing sports for women in the country!
We are a fun, friendly club and welcome players of all abilities. If you are committed and willing to give it a go, come and get involved. We want to invite people of all backgrounds and skill levels to join our ever growing team! 
 Our current titles include:

Fear not if you are a complete beginner as we have multiple success stories from within the team, to whom are now key players! 

The 2020/21 season brought many difficulties due to Covid for all clubs at university. At UOGWRFC we were still able to socialise and make new members feel welcome via online socials and training at every opportunity we could. We also were able to win varsity this year and Club of the Year!

If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message.

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Women's Rugby Union Elections 2020-21 No elections are currently running


Rugby Union (Womens)


  • Rugby Union (Womens) COMPETE Membership£25.00
  • Rugby Union (Womens) RECREATION Membership£25.00


  • W. Rugby Union - Varsity Player Contribution£5.00
  • W. Rugby Union Varsity Kit£37.50