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Why are they important?

SU elections are important because it is vital that you have the chance to vote for the candidate you feel mirrors your views and will be committed to working hard for you and the student body.

During the SU elections, each candidate will produce a written manifesto (this will be available on the SU website), this will outline what they would aim to achieve if elected into their chosen position.

Once elected, all representative will be supported by the Students Union staff team to achieve as many things they have promised on their manifesto as possible.

How are the votes counted?

We use the Alternative Voting System which means a candidate must get over 50% of the vote to win. If this doesn't happen in Round 1, the candidate with the lowest votes is excluded and their other preference votes are redistributed until a candidate reaches over 50%.

That's why its so important to rank all your candidates when voting and use all the preference votes.

Are there rules to the Election?

Yes, candidates and supporters must follow our Election rules and regs.

So far 963 UoG students have planted their vote, why not vote too?

Why Should I Vote?

Here are the top 5 reasons to cast your vote in this year’s SU Elections:

  1. It will affect your student experience — The SU Officers that are chosen by you will act and speak on your behalf for the whole year. This means that it’s important you choose a candidate who wants to change and improve things that will affect you as each candidate will have different ideas about what they want to change.
  2. The SU Officers work hard to make improvements for the students at UoG — SU Officers are influential in ensuring that you and your opinions are represented to the University. This helps to ensure that the changes that you want to see are made. They also work hard to campaign for things that will improve the lives of students, and demonstrate passion and enthusiasm throughout. Voting can help your candidates pursue their goals to achieve all of this.
  3. You have your say — Even if your preferred candidate does not win, having your say in how you want things to be run is very important. It is a small, but significant way to lead changes within the University.
  4. Ensures that UoG SU is a fair and democratic organisation — The more students who vote in SU elections, the more certain we can be that the officers have been elected in a democratic way. This means that we know that as many students as possible are happy with their new officers, and it will mean that the Officers will have more support behind them when they represent you.
  5. Your vote can decide the result — Every candidate works very hard to secure the votes of as many people as possible. Usually the result is very close, so every single vote counts.