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Activities and Opportunities Officer

Charlotte McFarland

As club captain of Women's Rugby this year, my interest was to better my team. With the opportunity now to refine the university is something I feel strongly about. The foundation of structures the previous officers have generated, is a perfect platform to make the university and the SU a more enticing environment.

With this in mind, my three key manifesto points are as follows:

Bounce Back - I want to ensure all sports, societies and groups at this university have the right guidance to return after COVID-19. To offer the support for the growth to reach the potential all individuals have. Not only this but bounce back mentally, it's been a tough year for everyone, and I will continue to fight for the development of wellbeing support across the university but also to propose the idea of employing a sports psychologist who can work with the variant of sporting mindsets.

Money Matters - My aim is to secure a sponsorship for the SU which can be invested into clubs who don't perhaps receive the financial support they require, to allow them to grow and further better themselves. Likewise, I want to be on hand, to provide support to all clubs, societies, and groups to meet their aims and push them in the right direction in terms of generating money.

University Community - Monthly meetings with all committee members, to set targets, keep people engaged, and generate new members. I would like to promote a sport-society cohesion, it would be nice to connect with new people and help each other grow as the University of Gloucestershire. Looking in from potential prospective students when university events arise, being connected as a university in all areas is something I would like to work closely with all SU officers to achieve.


Chloe Jones

I’m Chloe a 3rd year Sports therapy student and a senior ambassador, I have lived in Gloucestershire all of my life so decided to commute to university. I was a member of weightlifting and athletics before my injury.

My manifesto points are:

  1. Make all clubs and societies more inclusive. No matter if you feel different for any reason, may that be size, ethnicity, disability, a commuter, age or being new to this club or society, you have no reason to be turned away or feel expelled from these groups. I will work with the clubs and societies to ensure this is the case.
  2. Get more support for anyone struggling with their mental health. Having support groups for anyone who feels like they are struggling, whether that be due to external circumstances or sports related, such as developing an injury. After having a career ending injury I can fully empathise what having an injury feels like and having to discuss peoples lives as a sports therapist I have learnt to understand and sympathise peoples mental health too. Mental health has taken a knock due to Covid and hopefully getting back to clubs and societies can help heal some of these problems we have all had to face.    
  3. Expand the links our clubs and societies have outside of this university. Being a local I have a lot of connections with local teams and social clubs in the area. By linking up with these it allows you to become connected with a club outside of university so if you stayed in Gloucestershire after graduation then you already have these links put in place to carry on your passion. It could also allow for pre-season friendlies before BUCS start and can offer opportunities for coaching with these teams as well.

Michael Mayes


  • Each course has their own unique values, let us unite and use them as one. This applies to Sports and Societies also.
  • From physios to tv students, lets make the most of what is on offer to us at UoG and thrive for greatness.
  • Continue the use of live streaming, each week.


  • Make the most of local high-profile teams.
  • Link up for placements and playing opportunities.
  • Creating better options for potential jobs
  • Let us get UoG more visible on the map.
  • Gloucester city and local clubs are in the works already!


  • Events such as games night every week.
  • Its not all about winning, more inhouse opportunities for all.
  • More Fundraisers to help support local charities.

Keep an eye out for more in-depth answers about my Manifesto points on social media this coming week. Any questions I am more than happy to answer.

Thank you,




Sam Gorham

Hi, for those of you that don’t know me I'm Sam Gorham, the current Club Captain for the University Men’s Football team. I am currently in my final year of studying Sport Coaching. My time in University sport has been more diverse than you may think, I started off my first year in the Development side for Men’s Football and was also a member of the Swimming Club. While I may no longer be a member of the swimming club I have however during my time at the University I worked my way up the playing teams for Men’s Football to the position I am in now.   

Having experienced being a member of both one of the largest clubs on campus and one of the smaller ones, I believe I am in an amazing position to see University sport and activities from different societies’ viewpoints. Not just sport but all forms of extra curricula activities, away from our studies, are just as important as one another, in providing a release from the pressures of university study and allow for the connection with like-minded people.   

My goals may seem difficult to accomplish but as I believe I have proved this year in my role with Men’s Football, despite all the difficulties of COVID, I have fulfilled all I set out to achieve in my manifesto for that role. The change in this year’s role I believe suits my vision and goals, as I strive to achieve the best possible outcome for the members of all clubs and societies. 

4 Key Manifesto Points

  • Community
    • Bring Campuses and Courses together 
    • Bigger Welcome Week 
  • Opportunity
    • Tiered course-based placement system 
  • Communication
    • Bring the SU to you, creating personal relationships
  • Recognition
    •  Visual recognition of former students’ post graduate achievements 

Welfare and Diversity Officer

Asha Sutton 


  • I have noticed that the pandemic has revealed certain cracks within the university - communication. This needs to be both more frequent and clearer to ensure transparency.
  • A way of partly achieving this is to implement fortnightly Q&A’s for students, with members of staff from different sectors of the university. This will enable students to voice their concerns, ask questions and feel like they are being heard.


  • All students have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. I will strive to work with various sport and society teams to help facilitate joint events/socials. However, I am aware that not all students participate in a sports team or society. It is about creating opportunities such as cross-campus events, so that all students can engage in the wider student life.
  • Students will now rightly be itching to have a normal experience of student life. I would do my best to help the transition from a virtual to physical student life run as smoothly as possible.


  • A thriving student community is about embracing and celebrating diversity. I aspire to promote and raise awareness of this diversity, such as running events for important social and cultural events such as Black History month and LGBTQ+ History Month.
  • I would love to run focus groups for all those that face marginalization. I really hope to embrace the diversity of UOG’s community, by bringing students together.


  • Through speaking to students, it is clear that issues of visibility and accessibility to services online are prevalent. I want to improve the visibility, such as on My Glos and social media to reaffirm timescales like for counselling waiting times. I would aim to work with student services to ensure students can access this support.

Ruby Jih Yun Lim

“3, 2, 1 for all!”

Hi, I'm Ruby Lim, a third-year Business and Marketing Management running for the newly-established role of Welfare and Diversity Officer. 

I'm currently the subject representative for business, entrepreneurship and financial management at Oxstalls, the current president and co-founder of the Business and Enterprise Society, a group that aims to make learning around enterprise topics more accessible to non-business students.

1. Celebrating our diverse community

Being an international mature student myself, I hope to represent our diverse international community at UoG by giving them a voice in the SU. I aim to give those joining us from further afield equal access to course materials and uni services and goes doubly for the students under the widening participation banner. 

Additionally, I'll be working hard to get mature students and students from impoverished backgrounds the signposting and support they need with bursaries, extensions, and other complicated matters. 

2. Making sustainability simple

As a leading green university, UoG has a standard to uphold… but that doesn’t mean being green is as easy as it could be. I hope to bring in new initiatives to help students work sustainability routines into their everyday lives without it costing too much time and money: campaigns on topics like growing your own herbs in your halls kitchen and repairing clothes with a little bit of flair should stretch your loan a little longer!

3. Rekindling hope - a return to better times

We’ve all been shaken by the pandemic in one way or another but together I believe we can move forward. I will work closely with the Activities and Opportunities Officer to bring social events back in a big way. Furthermore, I will be rallying the university to increase funding and accessibility for their mental health services. No student should be left in the dark.

S Farooqui

I would like to bring attention towards the importance that I am going to run for, it is in my perspective is like a light in the dark for people who are really in need of moral support, personal support as advisory and matter related to the daily rountine work. So, I would like to make sure that things like this does not pass by un noticed.


Education and Community Officer

Aimee Jones

As a course and now subject rep for applied sport and exercise sciences, the role of Education and Community Officer is a natural progression. I am experienced in current protocols; therefore, I am able to enhance them in your interest. I meet with senior academics and SU employees to passionately communicate your ideas and concerns. My experience in education has made me resilient and determined to maximise potential.

Pledge 1: Improve University Communication

Working with reps, I wish to strengthen existing feedback loops. Effective communication is key to improving your student experience. I will support course reps in delivering reports to staff and students that acknowledge progress. I am campaigning for greater involvement of first year reps, as from experience this can be a daunting role.

Pledge 2: Value for money, maximising your employability.

Value for money has been of great concern during Covid-19, but I am campaigning for value as we move out of these unprecedented times. This is of ongoing interest within the SU, but I would like to speak with individual communities as each degree has different needs. I currently work with staff to better your employability which is something I will to continue to do.

Pledge 3: Awareness of academic advice and support.

I will work to highlight the academic advice and support available to students. Equality is paramount; whether that be achieved through standardised marking or via additional academic support, everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve their personal best. Blended learning has been a challenge, but I am keen to support students with their engagement.

I am standing to improve the educational component of your student experience, but I am also hoping to support other elected officers in areas such as participation and mental health, as we move forward to better times.


Andi Ward

  • UOG Communications, PR and the Media (MA) (2020-21) [Present]
  • UOG Psychology (BSc) (2017-20)
  • UOG Trampolining Social & Welfare Officer (2019-20)
  • British Gymnastics Qualified Club Judge (2019-Present)
  • UOG Student Union Sustainability Part-Time Officer (2017-18)

Why vote for me? 

I could give you a list of reasons why you should vote for me, but it all comes down to one: Voting for me is an investment. An investment that says “I’m getting out of bed and coming to work in the morning for you: the students, the staff, the families and friends that make University of Gloucestershire not just a place of learning but a home. Your home. My home. Our home.” Why not make it a home we can succeed in?

What do I aim to achieve?

  • Propose realistic expectations to be set for the university and academics on assignments and for their preparedness of contingencies: with a review of procedure on assignment alteration and assignment submission.
  • Collaborate with other UOG programs to build a strong and lasting community. 
  • Make small changes, that have short-term positive impacts on students, that can also be built on to form long-term change.
  • Obtain a timeline on the construction work at FCH which started in 2017 (in my first year).

Bethany Mathias

My name is Bethany, I'm a postgraduate Communications, PR and Media student, and I am running to be your Education and Community Officer!

Over the last four years, I have been lucky enough to have studied within two different schools at two campuses (Business at Oxstalls and Media at Park), and this has given me the chance to see how the academic experience of students varies widely across the university. Having also been a Course Rep for three years, I have a strong passion for representing others to help them receive a better university experience. To continue my passion for providing a voice to students, I am focusing on three areas within my campaign…

Mental Health

  • Improve the mental health support available for students struggling with the pressures of university life.
  • Encourage the university to hire more mental health support staff to reduce the long wait times students are facing.
  • Launch a new mental health ambassador scheme for each course, as people often feel more comfortable talking to people they know before asking for professional support.


  • Act as a voice for all students - I want everyone to feel like they are being listened to and know that they matter to the university.
  • I will be there for all students whenever they need me, whether it is for an academic issue or just a friendly chat.
  • Improve and relaunch the Course Rep scheme to ensure feedback is being communicated to the university regularly.
  • Ensure the university communicates clearly and consistently about important decisions or changes that will affect students.


  • Ensure students receive value for their money for their education.
  • Increase opportunities for students to develop their employability skills and improve their job prospects after graduation.
  • Reduce educational inequalities by improving access to academic resources across all subject areas.

 Anna Dmitrieva

I am a candidate for the position of Education and Community Officer.

I am the President of the MBA Society and am a current mentor with an educational platform from Silicon Valley (USA). Every day I help students from different countries to be more confident and encourage them to follow their dreams and begin an education in a foreign country.

Through this, I have helped many students overcome obstacles and I have also helped raise the profile of our university and increase the opportunities for us on graduation. 

If elected I will use my platform to expand upon this.

We are all tired of the pandemic. But soon life will bloom in new colours!

After the pandemic, we, the student society, will have many opportunities, including collaboration with the most famous universities in the world, various competitions, participation in internships and various educational programs. We can visit The European Parliament, The United Nations; see inside how business works in Silicon Valley, Indonesia and many other interesting opportunities including volunteering.

I have studied in different universities in England, Russia and the Netherlands. Through this, I know how to make a contribution to the growth of our university, and to make it famous around the World.

Grayson Livingston

I am passionate about education and opportunities being as accessible, inclusive, and worth-while as possible, so the Education and Community Officer role can help me achieve this.

1. Prioritise accessible learning and resources for all.

I would like to ensure that all lectures are recorded across all campuses and the number of eBooks available to you is increased to further assist you in your studies. I would like these adaptations to exist without any barriers in place, which will help to normalise an equal and accessible learning environment for everyone. Accessibility should exist without having to rely on someone else. That’s the whole point!

2. Theme specific course and campus socials.

Relationship building is a core skill everyone should have in their toolbox. Having a mixture of online and in person events (with the inclusion of alcohol-free events) will allow you to develop both professional and personal relationships with others amongst your cohort and beyond, whilst continuing to advocate for accessibility.

3. Tuition fee transparency.

Are you interested in finding out how your tuition fees are being used? I would like to create a MyGlos tile which outlines the budgets for your course and pinpoints how your money is being used to benefit your education and development. Degrees are an investment, so you deserve to know where your money is going.

My door will always be open to everyone and communication is key to make change, so the more conversations had, the better! You can count on me to create a safe and relaxed environment for you to voice any issues or ideas you have, and together we can transform the University of Gloucestershire into a leading example of how the education and community aspects of university should be run.

Una Berzina

Master your skills

I would like to work alongside lecturers, to host more assessment related workshops. This includes sessions on enhancing academic skills that will develop students; critical thinking, assessment planning and layout, assignment editing and working alongside lecturers to increase assessment focused support.


Continue talking about value for money.

Over the last couple of years, the SU has worked hard towards achieving best value for students’ money, these discussions are very important in an uncertain world. Therefore, I would like to continue the discussion around the value for money, particularly, focusing on resource, transport fairs and the availability to students 


Keep recording lectures. 

Over the past year majority of all teaching within the UoG takes place online with the hopes of restarting blended learning for the remaining few months of the academic year. The lecture recordings from Microsoft teams haves been an amazing academic tool to enhance the learning convenience and flexibility. I would like to run a campaign to promote recorded lectures, in order to enable students to re-watch lectures and never miss out on content.