About the Elections

What are the SU elections?

The SU is a student-led organisation, seperate to the University. Each year UoG students vote to decide who should represent them in this student-led organisation.

The election is your opportunity to run for a Full Time Officer role, representing students in the highest levels of University, the local community and your government constituency.

Or, it is your opportunity to decide who those people should be. Which candidate best represents you and your fellow students' interests? Who do you think can bring about the most effective change at UoG? Use your vote so we can act on behalf of students.

When are the elections?

 Voting opens at 3pm on Mon 8th March  and closes at 3pm on Fri 11th March! 

Why is the election important?

SU elections are important because it is vital that you have the chance to vote for, the candidate you feel mirrors your views and will be committed to working hard for you and the student body.

During the SU elections, each candidate will produce a written manifesto (this will be lavailable on the SU website), this will outline what they would aim to achieve if elected into their chosen position.

Once elected, all representative will be supported by the Students Union staff team to achieve as many things they have promised on their manifesto as possible.

Rules and Regs

It is important that we hold  a fair and democratic election so please find the Rules and Regs of Elections 2022 plus details of how to complain HERE

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