2021/22 Candidates- Who's running?

Check out your candidates for this year's full time officer roles!

Activities and Opportunities

Finley Murray

Paige Archer

Sanskriti Chhabra

Neal Osborn

Education and Community

Annabell Mander

Eleanor MacDonald Hill

Meghan Dix

Zac Puah

Welfare and Diversity

Beth Timmons


Finley Murray



Hello! My name is Finn Murray and I am running for Activities and Opportunities Officer for the 22/23 academic year. Currently, I am completing my undergraduate in Sports Strength and Conditioning, while?actively work?alongside the university and sport teams for student activity. Below I have three focuses to improve student experience at UOG. 

1. ‘Support Teams’ for Clubs (#Support4You)

I will assist clubs and athletes in building ‘support teams’ of coaches, therapists and photographers. Helping to ensure each club and athlete gets the best experience while at university, so they can reach their full potential. I am aware that some clubs have better opportunities than others and I will endeavour to ensure equality to club support.

As part of the ‘support teams’, I will continue to campaign for a sports psychologist to join the #TeamGlos community.

2. Promote Casual Play (#Activities4You) 

Student activity is a big passion of mine. I will work to increase and promote any opportunities for casual activity at the University, promoting engagement across sports with recreational memberships. I will support ALL clubs in member recruitment and allow students across Cheltenham and Gloucester to become more active, both individually or as part of a team.

3. Student Appreciation (#Recognition4You)

Weekly recognition of student and club accomplishments, including sporting results, club signings, fundraisers and other student achievements. I will actively work to be a face for sport and activity at university. This will be achieved by supporting clubs with events and providing students with health and activity guidance.

Alongside student appreciation, I will introduce a weekly ‘What’s on @ UOG’ update, creating a go to place for university events, fixtures and activity opportunities.


 Paige Archer

I'm 22 years old and I am the current Club Captain of UOG Women’s Football! 

Please see below my main manifesto points: 

Building a bridge 

We have so many amazing societies & sports clubs at UOG, with new ones created each year. Why not build a bridge between Sports & Societies where we can work collaboratively to get the most out of our student experience? 

We already do this to a certain extent, but my aim is to build on this by communicating with our clubs & societies about the best ways they can work together to aid each other’s experiences & enable their members to reach their full potential. 

Whether that be working together throughout the year or arranging annual events. 

Freeing up your finances 

We all have different financial situations and being a member of a society/sports club can take a toll on your wallet. I want to explore the bigger picture & look into how, as a university, we can help relieve some of your money concerns. 

I would like to explore different ways to pay for memberships, conduct more in-depth training sessions for committee members around obtaining sponsorships for their clubs or societies & how they can help to lift the weight off their members financially. 

A sense of belonging 

It isn’t uncommon for students to feel alone/overwhelmed when coming to university. Joining a sports club/society was the best decision I ever?made,?it's?given me a sense of belonging & a host of friends for life. 

Being social is incredibly important to maintain your mental health. Being part of a sports club/society gives you a support network as well as an outlet from your studies. I want to encourage more students to join sports & societies. 

Sanskriti Chhabra


About Me

I am a dedicated and compassionate individual pursuing my Master's degree in Global Business Administration. 

Currently, I am your UniSport Activator, where I encourage and support student participation in Sport for the purpose of improving physical health and enjoying your University experience by being active, inclusive, and socialising through our "Move Your Way" Program. These are just a few of my accomplishments and involvements since starting at the University of Gloucestershire in January 2022. I'd like to collaborate with you to design and strengthen SU Activities.

Here's why you should vote for me:

Inclusive Participation:

I want to engage all special talents by giving them the right opportunities for participation and development and enjoy University Life. I’d like to increase student involvement in SU with encouragement for students to form new clubs, arrange educational, sport and performance art activities that will be beneficial to the student’s holistic development and careers.

Regular Input:

I will solicit regular feedback and suggestions from all University students in order to hear each student's voice and work together to improve the University.

Strengthen the Student Community:

With various campuses and multiple clubs and societies, we will create a more rich experience of extracurricular activities, opportunities and engagement of Students coming together. I'll expand outreach and collaboration between Societies and Enterprise Groups, as well as seek to set clear rules for how the SU can assist them.

Let’s do this together!


Neal Osborn



Fellow students, I am Neal, your candidate for the role of Activities and Opportunities Officer. I am excited at the potential of being able to positively impact students’ lives and believe I would be a fantastic candidate for the role. Throughout my university journey, I have fortunately been a Course Representative, part of the Sports Committee, two sports clubs and a society. I believe this experience, alongside my diverse background as an ex professional athlete, primary school teacher and company director mean I have a wealth of knowledge that’ll enable me to build fantastic new opportunities and take the role in a different direction than in previous years.  

Clear Up Communication

We must focus on improving the communication between the university, SU and students. Fundamentally, university is about us, the students but often we are not included in the decisions that impact us the most. We can achieve this by holding monthly meetings between myself and representatives from Clubs, Societies, and Groups to provide feedback and improve the student experience.

Generate Income

By generating additional income, we can re distribute the funds across Clubs, Societies and Groups. I have personally found money a tight squeeze throughout university, and I know many others share this struggle, however, it shouldn’t deprive us of doing the things we love. External sponsorship and more regular student events are some of the ways I will help ease the financial burden on students.

Boosting Opportunities

We are still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic particularly our mental and physical health. I plan on creating and offering more opportunities for students to be more physically and mentally active to help with their overall health as I believe both go hand in hand. This will be achieved by creating more free classes, engaging with minority groups, and helping our elite athletes gain further opportunities.   



Annabelle Mander



Hi! My name is Annabelle. And I'm running for the role of Education and Community Officer. 
Currently, I am completing a Masters in Criminology, of which I am the course representative. I would love to be elected for this role to make a positive change and get your voices heard. 
My aims: 


Throughout the pandemic, one of the advantages of online learning was the ability to record and re-watch lectures. Some students are disadvantaged by missing lectures due to circumstances beyond their control, for example, illness, travel issues or caring responsibilities. 
I am campaigning to introduce a blended learning approach, where all lectures can be made available to watch again. 


Making the transition from university to employment is a big step and skills towards employability can be gained through various future plan events, training and opportunities throughout your course progression. Similarly, to highlight the prospects of postgraduate study and support going into being a graduate. 
My aim is to gain insight from students into what prevents them from employability opportunities and to improve student access to these opportunities. 


If elected, I would want to improve the communication of feedback of issues between students, course representatives and university staff. 
As a course representative, I have experienced that once students feedback, either in person or through VoiceIt, solutions and responses are sometimes not communicated back effectively. Resulting in the feedback loop being left open. This often leaves students and course representatives in the dark and not knowing if the concerns have been heard. 
As a result, I am campaigning for improved support and more in-depth role training for course representatives. With the potential for refreshers throughout the year and support from the SU. In order to strengthen the ability and confidence to give effective feedback as well as relaying it back. 


 Eleanor MacDonald Hill



Vote Ellie for Equity in Education!


My name is Eleanor (you can call me Ellie!) and I am running to be your Education and Community Officer.

You may have met me through my work as the President of Refugee Support Society or Student Subject Co-ordinator for Education. Thanks for reading my manifesto!

I am standing for first rate academic support, volunteering opportunities that will kickstart careers and a warm welcome for every student.  

If elected, I promise:

1. A Warm Welcome for ALL

Every student deserves to feel at home at UoG. I am standing for inclusion, welcome and equity in all elements of educational experience.

  • Host fortnightly ‘Tea with Me’ to improve educational community.
  • Promote and improve UoG’s efforts to decolonise the curriculum.
  • Develop friendly and sustainable integration strategies for international students.

2. Volunteering that kicks down doors!

I want every student to benefit from volunteering opportunities that don’t just open doors to your chosen career, they kick them down and help you make an entrance!

  • Set up a thriving Volunteer Hub.
  • Initiate a “Not Alone” Campaign to boost the role of volunteering

as a way to combat student isolation and loneliness.

  • Take the lead from students and academics to find meaningful experiences for all student groups, including under-represented communities.

3. Expert Academic Support for ALL Students

Every academic journey has its twists and turns, but I want to reinstate excellent, expert academic support for when we hit the bumps!

  • Build on current efforts to reinstate an Academic Advice Team

  • Hold focus-groups with networks of students to influence best practice and relevant support they want to see in this service.
  • Improve transparency of academic guidelines to ensure all students can achieve their best.

To see these pledges in action, please vote Eleanor Hill for Education and Community Officer!

Meghan Dix 



My name is Meghan Dix, and I am running for education and communication officer. Here are a few things that have been brought to my attention over my time at university and what I want to do to try and resolve. 

One is the mental health services at the university. Many students are having issues with the services being provided by the university, whether this is the long waiting times or counsellors not having specific training to help those in the LGBTQ+ and BAME+ communities. I want to try and bring in counsellors who have experience in the LGBTQ+ and BAME+ communities or look into further training. I want to give additional information for students to use while they wait. I would make sure there are regular emails for those on the waiting list and whether they need medical care from their GP surgery. 

Another point is the impact of Covid-19 on students' socialisation. Over the past two and half years, we have been facing a worldwide pandemic which has affected us with being unable to socialise with friends and families. I would go about this situation by helping societies produce socials for everyone, including disabilities. I would make sure that there would be events at the campus bars that students can attend. Having events can help students' social skills by meeting others, including having a friend speeding. 

The third point is communication at the university. Communication is a vital part of the university, and some students have found communication lacks a bit. I want to make sure that communication is back up between students, lecturers and the university as a whole. Making students aware of activities happening across the universities over the months or finding information in our help zone, so students are aware of available appointments. 


Zac Puah



Hi there, My Name is Zheng Yuan Puah, known as Zac and I am electing for the Education and Community Officer role for University of Gloucestershire’s Student Union FTO Election. I am currently studying MSc Financial Technology and planning to further my studies.  



Relive: Community Reform  

  • Improve the community by connecting them with students and staff under one platform  

  • Improve the system to connect the students in one simple touch 

  • Understand the troubles and problems of student are currently facing  

  • Forming the Buddy Scheme to help on the issues of the student currently facing  


Rebirth: Scholarship Funds 

  • Sourcing funding for the Universities and Student Union in order to reward the excellency of the student achievement over the years  

  • Helping those students in need with the help of companies that require talents and skills of students have applied and implemented  


Reborn: Educational Offers and Support 

  • Improve the criteria and requirements for the University and Student Union  
  • Help with academic reform and educational support for the students who are in need and seeking help  

  • Helping the students to look source with the Future Plan teams, with more roles and jobs being offered directly with the students


Welfare and Diversity

Beth Timmons

Hi, my name is Beth Timmons, and I am running for the University of Gloucestershire’s Welfare and Diversity Officer. As a third-year student and Course Representative for BA Performing Arts, I have seen first-hand the hardships not only the students, but the staff have faced navigating life at UOG. First and foremost, I am here to provide the underrepresented students with a voice, a liaison between students and the university’s staff on matters that need to evoke change. Promoting and encouraging positive mental health and well-being is essential to the ultimate happiness of the students, especially after the adversities of the global pandemic. In this ever-changing climate, I strive to learn and adapt to provide an informed and relevant approach to all affairs. Although our community has become more heterogenous and fluid, we still have a long way to go in order to make all feel safe and empowered. Welfare and diversity effects all aspects of the university and from personal experience of being a student, I truly believe that I can make a difference to the university experience.



I understand that communication is imperative to this role, I will be the conduit between students and staff and ensure an efficient welfare and diversity network. I will guarantee that issues are presented clearly and received by the appropriate parties to ensure all matters are addressed and provided with feedback.



Educating not only others, but yourself plays a crucial part in the demand for change. I feel the training of staff and students alike is vital in providing an inclusive working environment in which individuals feel valued. Advocacy of all marginalized groups throughout the university is essential for spearheading appreciation and acceptance.


Mental health support

A strong support system underpins an effective and integrated community. I want students to be able to express their concerns as comfortably as possible. Whether this be anonymously, through your chosen course representatives or directly to the Student’s Union, I want to assure students are being listened to.  


To achieve these goals, I will host events where students and staff can come together, network between different organisations to develop ideas and advertise around campuses and on social media. Accomplishing these will create the stepping stones to a well-rounded and supportive community where all are equally represented.