Candidate for the position of Sports Committee Member

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Embracing differences and creating a community

As a UoG Third Year Physical Education student, I have already experienced the benefits of inclusion in the wide sporting aspects the university has to offer. Being a team member has been of vital importance to my own development and personal welfare; recognising that fitness levels, positive mindset and good organisation is key to feeling positive about university life. Mainly through UoG women’s hockey first team, I have been involved in the behind the scenes organisation as charity secretary, training coach and am now actively encouraging Freshers to embrace my favourite sport. My efficient personal organisation and good communication skills have been recognised by England Hockey, and I am now the area coordinator for a new initiative to introduce the sport to school children. Whilst hockey is my passion, I have valued fun team games with other clubs, widening my social outlook as a consequence.  As a member of the Sports committee I wish to use my skills to promote the wide range of sports, to encourage more students to gain the wonderful feeling of camaraderie that team sports can offer, whether at competitive level, as through Team Glos in Varsity week, or simply for fun. It would be an honour for me to offer my time back to the university, as wish to spend my final year here with no regrets that I could have given more back to our amazing establishment which means so much to me.