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    Improve the help zone and student welfare appointments.

      Find a way to minimise delays once students make appointments- this could be done through a survey with questions surrounding level of urgency, staff can then work through requests in more manageable slots and then have follow up appointments within 2 weeks or so of the first one if needed. Maybe have an anonymous forum where students can voice issues without feeling exposed and confident that their problems will be kept confidential- promote the over the phone calling/messaging counselling service. Conduct more staff training for those in the help-zone, have refresher sessions on how to guide students to the right support connection. i.e. in specific areas. Promote The Sanctuary, and maybe have external professionals in to have sessions/ make those who are experts in mental health, finance etc. more known to students by giving them notice on the universities website.
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    *As a Students’ Union, we understand that some ideas affect a smaller community but are still just as important so do still submit these ideas and we are happy to chat to you!