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Step 2: Change it: 

Use Change It to input your idea, check to see if the idea has already been passed as we might already be working on it! If you are studying on a professional course, before submitting an idea, please ensure that you are considering your professional guidance/ agreement with the University.

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Get your cohort and peers to vote on your issue! It must get at least 25 up-votes, and a total of 25 up-votes more than down-votes within 6 weeks of posting in order to be added to the SU Student Council agenda, otherwise it will be rejected*


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  • 13 score
    13 voters

    Bring back the Park Campus Bar

      The park campus bar was a great place for students to chill out and meet in a location that was familiar for everyone. Bringing back the Park Campus student bar will give students a place to get a drink, meet with people on their course and meet new people in an environment predominantly populated by students and members of the university.
    Emma Goss
    12:33pm on 26 Oct 21 wow! this is a great idea
    Lucy Bickerton
    12:34pm on 26 Oct 21 At least give us back the pool tables, please.
    *As a Students’ Union, we understand that some ideas affect a smaller community but are still just as important so do still submit these ideas and we are happy to chat to you!