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    Remove Re-Submission fees for students' assessments at first resit attempt

      Students pay over £9000 a year to the University, as well as having a number of other outgoings; these include: parking permits, travel, food etc. A lot of courses expect students to attend placements which for Allied Health Professions cover 24/7, so the time for part time work is severely reduced and these placements are mostly not reimbursed, even for fuel etc. University of Gloucestershire appear to be one of the only institutions to not offer a free first resubmission. The cost is £50 for a 15 credit module and £150 for a 30 credit module per resit - be this practical exams including OSCEs or written assignments. If students fail multiple assignments due to various reasons out of their control, these bills can add up to an extortionate amount. This adds unnecessary stress to students at an already stressful time and where the opportunity to resit should be given as a second chance to work on where the student failed initially, it is a highly costing task which is not how other students across the country are treated. Fees should only be applied to the need to resit assignments more than once or entire modules, in line with other universities. Additionally, there is very limited information on how the fees have been made up, where the money goes and why they exist in the first place.
    Uchenna Osuji
    10:28pm on 6 Dec 21 Scrap it
    Monica Gage
    8:02am on 7 Dec 21 I agree these should be scrapped, we pay enough in university fees to at least cover the cost of the first resit attempt.
    Richard Goulding
    10:26am on 7 Dec 21 We pay enough fees without this. Education should be free throughout life.
    Gemma Lee
    11:39am on 7 Dec 21 100% should be removed. Failing 1 assignment and having to pay money for it when I know every other university don’t.
    Celia Monteiro
    12:10pm on 7 Dec 21 It needs to be removed and will be fair to all students.
    Beth Johnson
    6:16pm on 7 Dec 21 Yes definitely feel this needs to be removed! For equality and inclusion reasons! Some people may have failed due to some very personal reasons
    Thomas Crippen
    7:06pm on 7 Dec 21 Yeah, remove it.
    Emma Milsom
    9:39am on 21 Dec 21 Thanks for this. We just wanted to note that this issue has been raised in a Value for Money meeting and Customer Service Group so hoping for more updates to follow.
    Hayden Andrews
    11:52am on 21 Dec 21 I think it’s stupid idea, the university already knows a lot of students struggle with money whilst at university and they continue to try and get every penny at every opportunity! From paying silly amounts of money to wash uniform on placement to resub fee’s!!
    Asha Sutton
    1:09pm on 21 Apr 22 Hi there, thank you for all of your comments and feedback. We are taking this point to our Student Council meeting next month, with the hope it gets voted in as a motion. If this motion is passed, it will give more leverage for the Full Time Officers to lobby this to the university to look into this and (hopefully) do something about it! Watch this space for more details, and please come to the meeting if you are around to vote on this. It's on Tuesday 17th May at 5:15. Register here to attend the meeting: Thanks!
    *As a Students’ Union, we understand that some ideas affect a smaller community but are still just as important so do still submit these ideas and we are happy to chat to you!