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    Reintroduce 2 Week Covid 19 Extensions

      Reintroduce the previous 2 Week Covid 19 extensions in light of the spread of the new Omicron variant. As this variant spreads very easily - in comparison to the current delta variant - it is very likely that a great number of students will be affected in the new year. Reintroduce the Covid 19 extension so that students are able to feel assured that catching covid will not affect their assignments.
    Ruth Truscott
    2:33pm on 5 Jan 22 Hi Thank you so much for you Change it suggestion, we have brought it to the uni who have submitted this response: "The University sets out the arrangements for extensions prior to the start of each academic year and to be fair to all students, these arrangements are generally not changed mid-year. At the current time, for specific assessment types, students can self-certify for a one-week extension (EC1). If, having done this, a student finds they need a longer extension, up to four weeks in total, they can request an EC2 by contacting Helpzone. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, Helpzone is not asking for independent evidence. The requirement for a student to contact Helpzone for extensions beyond one week ensures that Helpzone is able to offer any additional support a student may require, e.g. a referral to another Student Services Team, such as Student Achievement and also that the student is made aware of any consequences of taking a longer extension, e.g. whether or not the marks will be presented to an Exam Board in the same semester."
    *As a Students’ Union, we understand that some ideas affect a smaller community but are still just as important so do still submit these ideas and we are happy to chat to you!