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    Electric Chargers in Car Parks

      UoG boast about being one of the most sustainable universities yet they are not encouraging sustainable cars. So many people drive to university and may have potentially looked at getting an electric car but they’d have nowhere to charge it. I think to encourage sustainability at the university electric car chargers should be installed in the car parks as it’d have a great impact on the environment if people made the swap.
    Asha Sutton
    1:28pm on 21 Apr 22 Hi, thank you for your feedback! I have emailed the Estates Helpdesk team about this, and I will of course update once I hear back about this. Thanks, Asha
    Asha Sutton
    2pm on 21 Apr 22 Hi, the Estates team have responded and said: 'we have recently had some installed at Park but are waiting on confirmation that the new charge points are all operational (should be any day now). As soon as I have any further information I will let you know.' I have also been told that there are some already set up at Oxstalls and the Arena, but the plan is for them to be installed on every campus. Thanks, Asha
    *As a Students’ Union, we understand that some ideas affect a smaller community but are still just as important so do still submit these ideas and we are happy to chat to you!