Theme 2

We will have a positive impact on your academic experience

We will continue to develop effective representation structures that represent student needs and issues.

We are going to

Work in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire to improve the academic experience

Increase the amount and improve the quality of feedback that we get from students regarding their academic experience

Support and empower our representatives in order for them to achieve positive changes and achieve success at every level of study

For more details about our plans for Theme 2 check out our Operating Plan

Gumisai's Story

BA (Hons) Business Management, 2nd Year

Being able to be part of the student voice team as a subject rep has helped me change the course for the better and has certainly been one of my biggest highlights during my time at University.

As a subject rep for Business Management, I have had the opportunity to put forward the voice of the students in my subject area to the subject and course leaders. With the help of course reps we have managed to improve our academic student experience which will be cherished and appreciated by future students.

Why is this important?

2 in 3

students told us academic success is their number one priority*

How will we achieve this?

We will ensure the student voice is heard at course and subject representative level

Improve the quality of the feedback we get

Ensure our Part-Time and Full-Time Officers are supported and empowered

Make positive change happen, based on student feedback

How will we measure our success by 2020?


of reps will be trained, and satisfied the training was effective


of trained course and subject reps feel they made a positive difference for their peers


students will vote in our Full-Time Officer elections each year


of students will believe the Students’ Union effectively represents their views to the University

*This statistic was taken from the 3 Golden Questions Research 2016