Theme 3

We will support you to develop your skills and be ready for working life

All students engaged with our activities should understand how their experiences develop their skills and make them more employable

We are going to

Create and deliver meaningful activities and opportunities

Work with students and the University to identify and develop students’ skills, to help them reach their potential

Work with students to recognise their successes and reflect on their own development

For more details about our plans for Theme 3 check out our Operating Plan

Kate's Story

BA (Hons) Marketing Advertising and Communications, 4th Year

Imagine that everyone who’s applied for your dream job has the same degree class as you, how on earth will they pick the best candidates? Employers look for what else is on your CV. Engaging with extra-curricular opportunities such as volunteering or part-time work will make you stand out from the crowd, give you experience in the field you want to go in to as well as being a lot of fun. Taking part in things like the BankIt scheme will give you the edge on other candidates. I didn’t think I needed to do anything else besides my degree but when it came to placement searching and looking for graduate jobs, having something extra really helped to secure those interviews.

My part-time job with the Students’ Union and being on the elections committee have been talking points in all my interviews and employers love it when you can demonstrate different employability skills in different settings. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you engage with the hundreds of opportunities that the Students’ Union find for you but I’d hate for your three or four years at University to be a waste if you don’t land your dream job.

Why is this important?

Over 1 in 3

students said that the most important desired result of studying here was to be more employable*

How will we achieve this?

Create more opportunities and activities for students to become more employable

Support students to recognise their success and reflect on their development

Provide better development for student leaders

Work in partnership with the University’s Your Future Plan Team

How will we measure our success by 2020?


of SU- engaged students will have an extra-curricular achievement on their High Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


of students feel more confident about their employability as a result of the student leadership programme


students will complete the SU Employability Award


students will attend the leadership programme

*This statistic was taken from the 3 Golden Questions Research 2016