Theme 4

We will create a stronger University of Gloucestershire student community

We want to create a supportive and inclusive community where students can grow and develop as learners and people

We are going to

Work to create an extra-curricular opportunity for every student at Gloucestershire

Support the development of subject communities

Campaign to ensure that there are appropriate facilities that enable our student community to thrive

Create links with the wider community to enable students to have a positive impact on Gloucestershire

For more details about our plans for Theme 4 check out our Operating Plan

Jack's Story

BSc (Hons) Physical Education and Coaching, 2nd Year

As a subject representative I have had the opportunity to see first-hand, not only the community that I represent, but the entire student body. It is clear that both the Student Union, and the University as a whole, takes our community’s very seriously.

For instance; my course has its own subject community space where both academic staff and students have a space to relax and talk in a relaxed setting. This has enabled us as both students and people to go from strength to strength, giving a sense of belonging to every student. It is fantastic to sit in this space and read, engaging in worthwhile and engaging conversations with both other students and my lecturers.

Further, the Student’s Union promotes and supports all students. Whether that be a student studying law or a student studying sport, there is a community for everyone. For me, this is what makes The University of Gloucestershire such a special place to both study and be a part of; it is far more than just a community.

Why is this important?

1 in 3

students told us they do not feel part of a University Community*

How will we achieve this?

Support student led groups to grow and develop

Support the development of subject communities

Campaign for better Students’ Union and student facilities

Support students to feel embedded in the student community

How will we measure our success by 2020?


members of sports clubs and societies


active academic-specific societies


of students know where the SU office is on the campus they study


Bank It hours are logged

*This statistic was taken from the Big SU Survey 2016