Theme 5

We will communicate effectively with our stakeholders

It is vital that we are effective in our communications so that students can access our services and support, and that stakeholders can work with us to support our mission

We are going to

Ensure our communications are clear, concise and relevant

Improve our knowledge and understanding of our students

Work with stakeholders to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Students’ Union

For more details about our plans for Theme 5 check out our Operating Plan

Fran's Story

BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduate

During my time at university I got involved in loads fun and impactful activities and opportunities run by the Students’ Union. As a graphic design student I would take notice of certain communications I received from the Students’ Union which would drive me to participate. However, I noticed that some of my friends didn’t get involved as much as I did and as a result missed out on some great opportunities. It’s exciting news to hear that the Students’ Union will put a real focus on improving their communications which will truly benefit and enhance student’s lives.

Why is this important?


of students said they had no interaction with the Students’ Union*


of students said they didn’t take part in a Students’ Union activity because they didn’t know about it*

How will we achieve this?

Improve our understanding of our students

Be excellent at communicating with our students

Build a strong physical and digital presence

Improve communications with our University

How will we measure our success by 2020?


of students and staff think we are good at communicating with them


of students and staff are satisfied that the communications they received were relevant


of students are satisfied with our website


students are members of our student media groups

*These statistics were taken from the the Big SU Survey 2016