Why we vocalise pronouns

In simple terms, vocalising our pronouns mean that as we introduce ourselves to others we explain how we would like to be addressed. This may come as he/him, she/her, they/them, a mix of any or something else. The reason we’ve started doing this is to make our LGBTQ+ students, colleagues and allies as welcome and included as possible. 

Intersecting forms of oppression can deeply impact our communities. Transgender people, those whose gender is or is perceived to be outside of a man/woman binary, can sometimes be harassed or treated with hostility which can often be by the intentional or repeated use of the wrong pronouns. 

We must also understand that not everybody will be comfortable sharing their pronouns, especially if they are going through a questioning or transitional stage; this is okay too. We know it may not be easy at first to use a pronoun different to what you may assume is correct or are used to, but by trying our hardest we can make a real difference. 

We have introduced a policy at the Students' Union that normalises the use of pronouns, and we hope that we can help move towards a world where our transgender, non-binary or genderfluid communities feel comfortable and welcome. 

You can find out more about International Pronouns Day here.

Feel free to contact our officers if you would like more information.