People and Resources Committee

The purpose of the People and Resources Committee is to assist and support the accountable Officer (the Chief Executive) and the Board of Trustees.  It is responsible for advising on effective planning and management relating to people (HR) and financial resources.  The Committee works closely with both the Board of Trustees and the Audit and Risk Committee.  The Board of Trustees delegates to the People and Resources Committee the responsibility for ensuring that there is a framework for internal controls and accountability relating to people and financial resources; and for ensuring that the organisation is complying with all aspects of the law, relevant regulations and good practice. 

Committee Members

Consoluta Price - Chair and External Trustee

Asha Sutton - Vice Chair and Welfare and Diversity Officer

Laura Batty - External Trustee

Aimee Jones - Education and Community Officer

Georgie Kerssenbrock - Student Trustee

Huthayfa Patel - Student Trustee

In Attendance

Josh Clare - Staff

Emma Boobyer - Staff

Karen Hill - Staff

Committee Minutes

2 June 2021

06 October 2021