Do you want to make a difference for Black, Asian and minority Ethnic students at UoG?

‘The University last year ran a successful reciprocal mentoring project for 6 students and 6 senior University leaders. The University and Students’ Union are running this project again and would like to offer you the opportunity to take part.

What is Reciprocal Mentoring?

Reciprocal mentoring is where information, knowledge, advice and guidance is dynamically exchanged on a regular basis between both parties. For example, a junior member of staff advises a senior member of staff on issues affecting them and the senior member of staff passes on the wisdom and experience in terms of career progression. Here is a quick video discussing Reciprocal Mentoring


What will Reciprocal Mentoring mean for students at UOG?

Our project will see Black, Asian, and minority Ethnic (BAME) students and senior leaders at the University paired with in a reciprocal mentoring arrangement.

The intended benefits:

  • Student mentors would gain career advice and guidance from a senior leader alongside a whole range of employability skills such as mentoring, leadership and self-confidence. As well as potentially igniting real changes for under-represented students at the University.
  • University Senior Leaders gaining a better understanding of the lived experiences of BAME students at the University of Gloucestershire.

This project resulted in real successes for all the participants last year, helping to improve all the students’ experience, employment potential and confidence, and it helped University leaders understand how to better support students.

Want to see for yourself? Then Read Nnem Nwosu’s blog post ‘Labels are for Cans’ which details her experiences form last year’s Reciprocal Mentoring scheme.


Important bits:

We believe that you will find this opportunity valuable and it will give you some excellent skills that you will find useful in your career development, but there is a time commitment. Please consider (especially if you are a Level 6 student) whether you can commit the time.



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