The QAA Review

Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is an organisation that is independent of both government and of universities. They visit to review how well the University is fulfilling their responsibilities for the quality and standards of the higher education they provide.

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What’s the purpose of these reviews?

The reviews are undertaken every 6 years and the reviewers are staff and students from other universities. The reviewers are guided by a set of UK expectations about the provision of higher education, which are contained in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

The aim of the review is to inform students and the wider public as to whether the University:

  • Maintains UK agreed academic standards for its higher education awards
  • Provides opportunities which allow students to achieve the awards and qualifications
  • Provides accessible, trustworthy and accurate information for the general public, prospective students, current students and graduates
  • Plan effectively to constantly improve of its higher education provision

All Universities that provide higher education in the UK are independent. However, most receive government funding in one form or another.

When we talk about quality and standards we mean the level you are being taught at, the feedback on your work, student support and personal tutors, how the student voice is listened to.

Download the full University self evaluation document here and if you have any other questions about the review please contact: Louise Fensome