Green Impact: 

Green Impact is an NUS environmental accreditation scheme encouraging organisations, inclusive of higher educational institutions to reduce their environmental impact. This programme brings together students and staff to drive various sustainability actions supported and guided by an evidenced workbook framework hopefully enabling greener campuses, curriculums and communities. At the end of each year, organisations are rewarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze awards to recognise their level of sustainability efforts.

Green Impact and your Students' Union:

2019/20 years marks the 13th year of the national NUS green impact programme for student unions. Sustainability actions carried out during this scheme are not only to achieve sustainable action targets set out per the NUS workbook framework, but a great way to develop meaningful environmental and sustainable change within our student union operations which endeavour to support the student population here at the University of Gloucestershire.

Historically we launched a series of green initiatives in 2013 through financial funding kindly secured from the NUS green fund allowing a number of environmentally friendly projects including student-led social enterprises, participating within both NUS Green impact and Global Athlete programmes, Big Green Gap Year Summer Placements and our little green shops. We have won four consecutive gold Green Impact awards and two Green Impact Excellence awards for our work on our Cheltenham Chilli Company initiative in 2012 and our Cycle Scheme in 2015/16.  These actions not only helped us fulfil our NUS workbook criteria but also our sustainability commitments with students and the community.

As part of our commitment as a student’s union for sustainability, we continue our participation within the Green Impact scheme in addition to involving students via internships to assist staff with sustainability actions such as surveys or launching new initiatives benefiting all involved in the process. If you are interested in possibility volunteering as a Green Impact intern please don’t hesitate to check the University of Gloucestershire future plan portal for opportunities or contact

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