Sustainability Campaigns


Go Green Week

A mixture of talks, activities, and quizzes, our annual Go Green Week organised by the University Sustainability Team endeavours to engage students with environmentally-friendly themes including the importance of sustainability as part of the People & Planet’s annual national week of action on climate change.

Highlights of our 2018 Go Green Week programme included:

  • Talks regarding working in the third sector by the UN refugee agency and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
  • Future Professionals Workshop
  • Communication for the Ethical Leadership workshop
  • Sustainability pub quiz
  • Green fair and Edible Garden open hour at FCH campus.

Throughout these events hosted with minimal environmental impact, we focused on raising awareness of sustainability within our student community and delivered educational content that is enjoyed by students year on year.

See 2018’s Go Green Week Schedule.

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The Great Glos Fairtrade Bake Off '19

The Great Glos Fairtrade Bake Off has been an annual featured event in conjunction with Fairtrade Fortnight, with contestants striving to create delicious cakes using at least one Fairtrade / sustainably sourced ingredient. Although baking with sustainable ingredients was a core theme, all entries were judged on the following criteria: the taste and the appearance. All students and staff were invited to taste and rate, and all the cakes were scrumptious.

The Great Glos Fairtrade Bake Off winning cake was Stuart's  FairTrade Coffee and Walnut Cake


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NUS Student Switch Off

NUS’s student switch if off is an international not-for-profit campaign encouraging students to reduce their environmental impact whilst living in halls of residence via avoiding unnecessary energy usage. The campaign incorporates competitions between halls of residence, where the greenest halls on campus are rewarded with Ben & Jerry’s!

See here for energy saving tips at


NUS Snap it off:

The NUS snap it off progra mme was launched in response to concerns raised by students regarding the amount of energy is being wasted through unnecessary lighting. This initiative grants participating organisations a significant tool in achieving better sustainability as students can take action if they see cases of energy wastage via three simple steps:

  1. Take a photo of the unnecessary energy use
  2. Upload the photo to snapitoff to raise awareness of the issue
  3. Check back later and see if it has been fixed!


Our SU Shop:

Reusable bottles and hot drink travel mugs!

Aiming to reduce your plastic consumption? Within our SU shop, we offer both reusable bottles and reusable hot drink travel mugs for sale. Perfect for either grabbing water at university or a hot coffee on the go.

We also sell reusable metal straws!


Fairtrade Clothing:

Along with the ranges clothing available within our SU shops we are also proud to offer students the option of purchasing Fairtrade t-shirts, costing only £10. Fairtrade certified products benefit both people and planet, including providing producers with a living wage and supporting local communities.

The price of cotton has slumped in the last 30 years, even though the cost of producing it has risen and that means farmers in places like India, Kyrgyzstan and West Africa are struggling to survive.

Buying products made from Fairtrade cotton ensures that the farmers receive a fair and stable price for their cotton. For more info on Fairtrade click here