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What is a Network Lead?

Each Network Lead represents a different group of students, where most of the groups contain individuals with protected characteristics. These groups are identified because they often face challenges and barriers to education and participation.

Why should I stand as an Network Lead?

Once elected you’ll be put into office to shape and lead Your Students’ Union. As the SU is completely separate from the University it manages its own finances and drives its own agendas. As a Network you will: a) To chair meetings of their Network b) To report to their network on their activities as a representative c) To attend meetings of the Union’s democratic Structures as outlined in Byelaw 03 d) To encourage work with members of other networks e) To work with other representatives on Union projects

How do I stand?

All you need to do to stand is submit your name and the role you wish to go for under the Stand & vote tab. Make sure you have updated your profile as some of the Network Lead roles involve self-definition to run for the role