Students' Union Network Lead Elections

What is a Network Lead?

Each Network Lead shall have responsibility to represent the views of a network of students with the same title as the Network Lead (e.g. Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Plus students). They must identify as a member of this Network and will be elected by and from that cohort of students.

The main responsilbities are:

  • To chair meetings of their Network
  • To report to their network on their activities as a representative
  • To attend meetings of the Union’s democratic Structures 
  • To encourage work with members of other networks
  • To work with other representatives on Union projects

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Important dates

If you want to stand in Network Lead Elections, click stand and vote! All you need is your name and the role you are standing for.

Don't worry if you aren't sure what to put in your manifesto yet... We have prep week which is before your manifestos are due to help you prepare for this.