Where Do My Fees Go?

A UCU Talk: Marketisation and Education

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“…I pay to be here!”

Since 2011, students have been paying tuition fees. Students are often told that ‘Universities are businesses now…’ leaving us wondering what these fees fund and how higher eduction is structured. 

In this session, hosted by UCU and the SU, we will explore where your fees are spent and what the marketisation of HE could mean for us in real terms from the persepective of UCU trade union members.

  • What is University Marketisation?
  • How does it affect you as students?
  • How does it affect teaching staff?

If you’d like to come along to this FREE TEACH OUT SESSION, you can join us in Oxstalls SU Building at 10:30-12:00 on Mon. 20th March.

For students not attending in person, you will be able to join us online here.

All welcome – staff and students.
All viewpoints and questions welcomed.

Any questions about the session, please email Ellie (Education and Community Officer) at ehill8@glos.ac.uk


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