British Universities Karting Championship

The BUKC is a national karting championship travelling to 4 circuits across the season. Hundreds of students from over 60 universities enter the championship each year, providing a high quality of competition. The BUKC organisers, Club 100, provide a high performance fleet of 125cc 2-stroke Rotax karts. These karts are worlds apart from the usual arrive and drive/ indoor karts you may have driven before. With more powerful motors and less weight, these karts are capable of accelerating to 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

To be a part of the championship you first need to obtain your race license. To do so you will need to attend a test day and prove you're capable enough to drive the karts at a good standard. After you have been to a test day and obtained your race license, you will be eligable to race in the series and take part in the qualifiers. You will be representing the University in a team of 4 drivers competing at 4 rounds between February and April. The championship is split into 3 classes, Premier, Intermidiate and Rookies. Each team is split into a class depending on how well you preform in the qualifiers although the rookie class is only for drivers that have atteneded a test day but not obtained their license. All of the classes race over a two day period with the premiers racing on the first day and the inters and rookies the day after. 

2021 dates 

  • Oct 19th & 20th - Test Days - Whilton Mill 
  • Nov Sat 20th & Sun 21st - Qualifiers - Whilton Mill 

2022 Dates

  • Tues 8th Feb - Buckmore Park
  • Wed 16th Feb - PFi 
  • Thurs 10th March - Shennington 
  • Fri 1st April - Llandow

The Drivers Championship is a seperate one off round at the end of the season where you drive for yourself and not the team. This round is also split into different classes the lightweights, heavyweights and super heavyweights. Each of these classes have a different minimum driver weight that you must achieve. There is also a minimum driver weight of 75kg's in the teams championship, meaning all drivers must weigh over 75kg's. If your weight is under 75kg's don't panic, there a weight posts on the kart that ballast can be attached to put you over the minimum. 

Every year BUKC holds its annual 24 hour endurance race at Teeside Autodrome in Middlesbrough. This race is a real test for teams as they dive into 24 straight hours of racing, not only does it invole skill on track but clever strategy and communication play as big of a role in completing the race as outright pace and driving skill. The karts used in the 24 hour are slightly different to the karts used in the main championship with BUKC opting to use twin engine prokarts rather than the 125cc Rotax's. 

For more information about BUKC get in touch with any of the commitee on the comitee page or speak to the BUKC captain directly by emailing You can also click the BUKC logo, to be taken straight to the BUKC website.