Committee Information


Club Captain

The role of the club captain has many different positions within the committee such as:

  • To be the first point of contact for the team
  • To take lead for the overall health and safety of the club
  • To chair all club meetings 
  • Ensure the aims & objectives of the club are achieved
  • To communicate effectively with other committee members 
  • To lead the club's efforts within the British Universities Karting Championship 

Our current Club Captain is:

Name: Sam Bishop


Vice Captain

The role of the Vice Captain within the club is:

  • To assist with any other tasks which may need carrying out
  • To deputise on behalf of the Club Captain where required
  • To manage the club's BUKC effort
  • To manage and liaise with the Club Captain in regards to BUKC
  • To help coordinate BUKC within our club

Our current Vice Captain is:

Name: Blake Checketts


Sim Racing Coordinatior

The role of the Sim Racing Coordinatior within the club is:

  • To orginise and manage sim racing events
  • To help develop the racing skills of members using various racing simulators 
  • To lead the club's digial communication efforts
  • To help the Vice Captain with driver development for BUKC

Our current Sim Racing Coordinatior is:

Name: James Williams


Community and Welfare Officer

The role of the Community and Welfare Officer within the club is:

  • To be the first point of contact for all Community, Welfare and Health & Safety issues and queries
  • To lead the club's charitable efforts
  • Deal with any welfare/concerns incidents within the club
  • To lead the club's Welcome efforts

Our current Community and Welfare Officer is:

Name: Ben Standring


Marketing Manager

The role of the Marketing Manager within the club is:

  • To manage the club's social media accounts
  • To create and carry out marketing campaigns to improve the club's exposure
  • To create and edit all club media
  • To communicate and answer queries with any members and prospective members
  • To ensure that the club's webpage is up-to-date

Our current Marketing Manager is:

Name: Ben Houlihan


Social Sec

The role of the Social Sec within the club is:

  • To create and run regular socials
  • To liason with other clubs to provide social opportunities
  • To assist the Vice Captain with any events required for fundraising

Our current Social Sec is:

Name: Rhys Carlson