The Students’ Union exists to benefit the students here at UOG and campaigning is a key part of making that happen!

Throughout the year our Full-Time Officers run campaigns to improve the lives of students from policy changes to awareness campaigns, keep up to date with what the officers are doing by looking through our Key Campaigns for the year!


1Cost of Student Living - Paige Archer (she/her)

Activities & Opportunities Officer




FEEDBACK FORTNIGHT - Cost of Student Living Survey 

The cost of living has increased dramatically in recent years and has led to deepened economic hardship, declining mental health, and a pervasive sense of uncertainty about the future in this country - students are not an exception to these impacts. The cost of student living affects us all, but disproportionately affects people from a lower socio-economic background, and those with protected characteristics. I believe that this is an unignorable problem, which is why my campaign aims to provide more affordable University services for students, as well as alternative means of payment. 

My campaign has successfully lobbied for a Pay-in-2 membership system for Sports memberships, meaning you no longer have to commit to paying the full price of the membership (£120) at the beginning of the academic year. Instead of paying the full £120 in one go, you can now opt for splitting the payment into two separate instalments of £65. This means that you can cancel your membership after the first instalment is paid, and not have to pay the second one!

I am also hoping to reduce printing costs for students, especially those on courses that are heavily reliant on printing. In addition, I aim to remove the payment for a first-time loss of an accommodation key card used at Pittville Student Village. Throughout the year, I will be hosting various pop-up events for affordable food. The first one of the year will be called 'Pasta for a Penny', so keep an eye out for it!

What's happened so far:

- Pay in 2 membership system officially launched with 196 students using it

- Community Cupboard set up in all SU spaces!

- Hardship fund available for students 

- Free pasta event from 15th Nov to 17th Nov

- Token box on what, financially, you are struggling with the most set up in Park SU


2. #NeverOK - Beth Timmons (she/they)

Welfare & Diversity Officer



Our #NeverOK campaign builds on the work of our previous Welfare and Diversity Officer, whose campaign similarly strived to change the culture around harassment, assault, and abuse across all of our campuses and local night-time venues. Our aims for this year are to take the necessary steps in shifting the focus from victim-focused to survivor-focused narratives, and to educate students on helping create a safe environment across the University.

The way we intend to achieve these aims is outlined in our three Ps – Prep, Prevent, and Policy. By preparing student leaders with the requisite training, we hope that this will help foster a culture in which inappropriate behaviour is correctly called out and challenged.

By educating student leaders in things like bystander training and inappropriate behaviours within their respective sports clubs and societies, this would, in turn, trickle down to students in these communities. One of our biggest ambitions for this campaign would be to successfully secure funding from the Gloucester City Council to commission training packages focusing on violence against women & girls.

We also aim to review certain University policies, as well as those of night-time venues; in doing so, we hope to create stringent boundaries on what constitutes acceptable behaviour in these venues.

What's happened so far:

- #NeverOK straws in Park Campus bar!

- Survey on sexual harassment & misconduct distributed to all license holders in Cheltenham and Gloucester

- Free sanitary products in SU spaces!


3. Access All Areas (International Student Support) - Ellie Hill (she/her)

Access All Areas

Education & Community Officer



The International Student Experience is adversely affected by several intertwined factors, perhaps underpinned by a lack of intercultural understanding. As a result, these students face considerable challenges in accessing multiple parts of their University life. I believe that three key areas need to change to improve the Student Experience for International Students: more internationally informed policy that is written in a student-friendly way, better informed members of senior leadership, and a fostered network dedicated to making international students feel welcome and well-connected to the University.

What's happened so far:

- Nigerian and Sri Lankan food events in early October

- Access All Areas leaflets available in Park Campus!

- Feedback sessions for MBA Global and International Business Students carried out



Our Officers are not the only ones that can advocate for change through campaigning – if you are interested in running a campaign, follow the steps below to kick-start the process.


  1. Form a plan - start by filling out the problem tree to give initial structure to your idea.
  2. Campaign Form - fill out the campaign form below giving a plan to your campaign, it also notifies the Student Voice Team.
  3. Discuss with Us - after reviewing your form, we will organise a meeting with you to discuss ways to action and escalate your campaign.