#BeSaS - Be Safe and Secure 

Be Safe:

  1. Know your limits- drink responsibly
  2. Protect yourself- always use protection during sexual intercourse  
  3. Be Safe, Be Seen- prevent walking alone at night and stay on main/well lit roads
  4. Sound the alarm- sound the alarm if you feel at risk, personal safety alarms can from the Students Union at all campuses
  5. Look after your mates- stay together or stay in touch at night
  6. Party safe- never leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers- Anti spike stoppers are available at all student union campuses
  7. Say No- its ok to say no to peer pressure

Be Secure:

  1. Don’t risk it-  lock your windows and doors
  2. Insure it- insure all your personal belonging- see endsleigh insurance for more details
  3. Look before you leave- are your valuables hidden?
  4. Lock it or lose it- Cyclists hard lock and code it- make sure bikes are lock using a hard lock and code it
  5. Report it- if you see any suspicious behaviour report it and call 101  
  6. Fix it- if any locks/ windows are broken contact your landlord or campus security 01242714402 asap
  7. secure it- make sure all technology equipment is backed up and secured with passwords