Food Bank Campaign

The University of Gloucestershire's Student Union have been supporting the Cheltenham Foodbank with donations throughout the month of November. Students and staff were encouraged to donate non-perishables to reduce their food waste and support local people in crisis.  In total, 58 non-perishable items were donated to the Cheltenham Foodbank to show their support and generosity to the local community. 

The Food Bank Campaign was created and managed by Rebecca Robbins, a second year Sociology student on an internship with ‘Team Green' at the Students' Union. Rebecca commended the campaign for its success: "Managing this project has been extremely rewarding, and I am so pleased about its success. I hope the Students' Union continues to show support to the Cheltenham Foodbank in the future"

The Cheltenham Foodbank Coordinator was very positive about the project and stated:

"The demand is certainly not slowing down for the food bank, and we rely on all of our donations to help local people in crisis. It's amazing to see students, and university staff providing generous donations. We are extremely grateful and overwhelmed by how well the whole thing has gone"

When asked about recommendations for the future development of this project, the Coordinator also stated: 

"We are well stocked up on certain items, and we are grateful and will use everything donated to us. It would be great if we could receive items which we are short of like milk UHT and fruit juice"

The Food Bank Campaign has a promising future, and has been successful in uniting students and university staff with the local community.

The SU would like to say a very big thank you to Rebecca for being a fantastic Team Green intern and for sucessfully planning and managing such a worthwhile scheme.