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Please see below information you need to know about student representation.

About Student Representation Scheme

The Student Representation Scheme comprises two specific roles: Course Representatives and Student Subject Coordinators (previously Subject Reps) The Students’ Union coordinate the scheme and will provide separate training events for subject and course representatives. In 2021/22 we hope to see a further increase in the number of course representatives undergoing the training which ensures excellent preparation for this important work.

As we are a small Students’ Union we ask academic course leaders to elect up to two course representatives per level to represent the group. From this we ask you to give this information to the academic services administrator to upload into SITS before the end of October.

The reporting team at the university will run a report for the SU and the SU will contact students with training dates for them to sign up to. Please read the Election Process flowchart for more information, visit the Rep Hub under Student Voice on the Students’ Union’s website, or if you have any questions please email studentreps@glos.ac.uk.


Elections will look a little different this year please familarise yourself with the Electing your course reps guide and use the other links at the bottom of the page.










Voice It and Change It

Voice it and Change it are the Student Union feedback tools.

Voice it is an online feedback form where students can input any issues they are facing. It is optional anonmity so if they want updates from their feedback they can add their email as a way to contact them. 

Change it is our ideas forum where students can put forward an idea that will create change across UOG inviting their fellow peers to upvote or downvote. The idea needs 20-25 up votes for it to be discussed in student council. 

What is done with feedback/data?

Feedback is analysed and reports are sent to course and Student Subject Coordinators, all professional department leads and School heads; reports are also sent to university executives monthly to highlight student voice. These reports will be sent out monthly, but if their is a feedback that is urgent that particular feedback will be sent within the month.

Reports will be sent to Academic Subject Leaders to be uploaded onto the course portal three times during the academic year. We advise that you organise meetings in accordance to ensure the student voice is being heard. 

Who can use Voice It?

All students can complete Voice It, it is open and online 24/7! Also SSc's and Course Reps use Voice It and Change It when they are talking to their students.

Useful documents

 Representation Letter

Dialogue, Focus, Action

Course Rep Code of Conduct 

Voice It and Change It Staff Guide