Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic + Network:

Hi everyone! My name is Anjelica Johnson, and I co-Chair the Network. The research of my Master’s thesis revealed the dichotomy between Black and disadvantaged students achieving an upper-second and first-class degree in comparison to their White counterparts, which sparked a desire to work with these cohorts and raise aspirations. Being a member of the Network has brought to light that there is still much work to do in ensuring BAME students are seen and heard throughout such a rich, yet challenging time, as they strive to achieve their ambitions within an institution that is still considered elitist. The Network in that respect, is a safe and accommodating space for BAME students and staff to impart knowledge, share experiences, and collectively build towards a more inclusive culture at the University of Gloucestershire.

Hello!  My name is Kristina Tailor, and I co-Chair the Network with Anjelica.  When I moved from Coventry - a large, multi-cultural city with two very diverse Universities - to Gloucestershire, I was shocked at the stark difference between the two.  Looking at the faces around me, one question seemed to come to mind: where am I?  Things I took for granted in Coventry were a lot more difficult to come by here - it took a few months for me to find an Asian food market in Cheltenham, and I am yet to discover a Hindu Temple.  The culture shock I experienced moving to this region made me question whether students went through the same struggles.  Starting University is a daunting enough experience without feeling like you can’t connect with your surroundings or peers.  Joining the Network is my opportunity to help raise the profile of BAME cultures at the University and support students to feel safe, included and heard. 


As a Network, our current priorities are:

  • Researching and addressing the Awarding Gap at the University of Gloucestershire,
  • Addressing the sense of exclusion felt by BAME students – both academically through decolonising the curriculum, and socially through targeted activities, events and improving challenges of support,
  • Challenging the senior management team to actively acknowledge racial inequality at the University in order to affect change at a senior level.



If you are interested in becoming a member or an ally, drop us an email here.