Luc Brown, 2020/21 Students' Union President

Luc Brown


As President, Luc leads the Elected Officer team and the Students' Union as a whole and acts as the key link to the University's Vice-Chancellor, Council, as well as the NUS and other key stakeholders.

Manifesto Points

Increase media coverage of the SU

Livestreaming more sports, showcasing societies’ activities and celebrating student achievement in a new-online push for the SU.


Run a Get Involved campaign

Now more than ever, community is so important at university. This campaign will encourage more students to safely join groups and meet new types of people and get involved with sports teams and societies.


Continue talk about value for money

Talking with Stagecoach, BaxterStorey and the university about the way students’ feel their money becomes ‘good value’ and aiming to advise and change ways to contribute towards this good ‘value for money’ feeling.


Ensure University updates are communicated properly and with enough time

Work with relevant university departments on the student-facing communications and ensure the SU has some input on these decisions, specifically so that they are clear and on time.

Monthly Updates


  • Completed two weeks of Officer training and got settled into the role.
  • Attended my first Council and Academic Board meetings.
  • Joined the planning sessions for Welcome Week and the university induction period.
  • Started planning our Experience Officer elections that happen in September/October.
  • Began work on the SU Welcome Video 2020/21.
  • Met with students to dicuss ideas for the year.
  • Did an introductory Q&A on Facebook to show my face and answer any questions about Welcome and the end of the year. 
  • Worked with UCAS to help plan their Big Results Day show and have UoGSU involvement.


  • Completed the UoGSU Welcome Video 2020/21, which you can watch here.
  • Appeared on the Big Results Day show for UCAS, prodiving insight and advice to students about to join univerisity.
  • Started dicussions with the university around communications to the students; specifically around Humanities and COVID.
  • Spoke to BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Heart Radio and Greatest Hits around Welcome Week 2020 and what we have planned.
  • Began planning for our Experience Officer elections happening in September/October.
  • Attended my first Board of Trustees meeting as an officer.
  • Took a week off to relax before Welcome Week.


  • Hosted a live Q&A to allow any questions for new or continuing students around Welcome Week.
  • Finalised planning for Welcome Week events, physical or online.
  • Appeared on ITV Westcountry to talk Welcome Week.
  • Continued to meet with the university to talk about communications, catering on site and induction week.
  • Helped deliver a Welcome Week that meant over 1,000 students could participate in physical events, with hundreds more joining online. 
  • Hosted a Get Involved campaign that was seen over 2,300 times as of October, with the content still available to view so students can see what sports teams, societies or student leadership roles are available to them.
  • Delivered a few welcome talks to courses across lots of schools and subject areas.
  • Met with students to chat and diccuss issues and ideas.


  • Ran a successful election for our Experience Officer roles, with a total of over 600 votes.
  • Worked on a Black History Month campaign, gathering student recommendations of several topics of Black history and promoting on social media.
  • Attended University Council and Academic Board with Imaani.
  • Developed an online events series called '100 Things' where myself and the other offices attempt to complete as many of the SU Welcome Books '100 Things to do in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and Beyond'.
  • Help Imaani create a series of baking videos for students to watch and follow along with at home.
  • Chaired the first Executive Committee with our Experience Officers. 


  • Organised a meeting with some senior University colleagues to discuss the catering situation.
  • Attended my second Board of Trustees meeting, notably passing some proposals for the December Referendum.
  • Had our monthly SU/Uni Executive Liason Group.
  • Help Asha record an In Conversation With video for her campaign, How You Getting On?
  • Met with my Experience Officer buddies to discuss ideas and plans of action.
  • Attended a roundtable discussion with several SUs up and down the country about the changing Government view on Sabbatical Officers and Freedom of Speech. Read more here.
  • Imaani and I had informal chats with potential new University council members and gave our opinion in shortlisting.
  • Chaired our two Town Hall Meetings with Alex Chalk MP and Richard Graham MP, watch it back here.
  • Sat in a meeting with BUCs to support their review into the drinking culture at UoG.
  • Attended University Council with Imaani, representing student issues and supporting discussion.
  • Caught up with the Sustainability team ahead of some exciting projects.
  • Sat on the International Student Experience Group, supporting in induction prep for January.
  • Started planning for the SU activites/events in January.


  • Chaired our second Executive Committee meeting to discuss a range of ideas, concerns and policies.
  • Went to get tested and created a short vlog to show students where to go and exactly how it works.
  • Organised and released infomation of the Referendum and why I was voting Yes. 
  • Had a montly catering review meeting to raise concerns.
  • Attended Academic Board with Imaani.
  • Sat on the panel for the Chancellor's Lecture on 'How to be a good ancestor' with Dr Jane Davidson. 
  • Worked with the International team to brief students on the SU and our services. 
  • Attended the annual Sustainability Performance Review meeting to see the progress made.
  • Interviewed for a new role in the SU. 
  • Enjoyed a relaxing but different holiday break, feeling refreshed and ready for 2021. 


  • Came back from holiday to news of a third lockdown and immediately got a grasp on what this means for students.
  • Met with officers over the UK to discuss how we would all react to the changes.
  • Began planning our next set of Experience Officer elections.
  • Had a few meetings with some of the representatives of the Rent Strike group to see how we could support them.
  • Met with the Finance team to advise on the best way to distribute the first sum on Government support money.
  • Attended the monthly SU and University management meeting and brought the most pressing issues to their attention.
  • Contributed towards winning a 45% one-term rent reduction for University halls students, and 50% five-week reduction for Upper Quays and Shaftesbury halls.
  • Touched base with the Sustainability Team to see what we could do to promote more sustainable living.
  • Met with Alex Chalk MP to talk about the issues students are facing.
  • Hosted a 'Welcome Hub' for our January Starters and enjoyed chatting (safely!) to lots of students.
  • Chaired The UoGSU Town Hall with the Vice-Chancellor, giving students a chance to ask questions directly to the VC. 
  • Our Board of Trustees met to sign off the year's accounts and get updated on governance and strategic plans.
  • Chaired our monthly Executive Committee meeting, where Experience Officers can hold FTOs to account and update us on their work.


  • Attended University Council and Academic Board with Imaani.
  • Contacted our local MPs to ask for support on student facing issues. 
  • Sucessfully ran our second set of Experience Officer elections, and elected in 3 new roles.
  • Had our monthly meeting with Student Support management to raise concerns and ask questions.
  • Met with students to talk through ideas, concerns and achievements. 
  • The officers met with the University Executive for our monthly catch up, where I raised further rent rebates as an issue. 
  • Contributed to discussions on how professional services staff in the Welfare and Wellbeing area.
  • Officers also took part in a discussion about how whole mental health provision at the University works for students and what could be improved. 
  • Attended a University Council sub-committee.
  • Worked with University staff on how we can improve the feeling of belonging in these strange times. 
  • Sat in other University committees as a student representative.
  • Met as SU Management to talk through the Government roadmap and what it means to stduents. Read more here.


  • Imaani and I met with various parties to talk about the Debenhams annoucement and what information would be needed so students had the full picture of the purchase.
  • Helped organise the livestreaming of Hustings and Election Results with the Student Voice and Marketing teams.
  • Chaired this month’s Executive Committee, where FTOs updated on our work and our EOs gave updates of the things they've been working on. 
  • Attended the LGBT+ Partnership meeting and updated on Chloe’s, our LGBTQ+ EO, work.
  • Began full discussions of some exciting projects at the SU, including a way of getting creative students paid and meaningful portfolio building jobs.
  • Sat on the discussion panel for the new Director of Student Employability with Imaani and CEO Josh.
  • Met with various people to chat further about the livestreaming provisions of Varsity and how we can make it as accessible to watch as possible!
  • Attended Academic Board with Imaani.
  • Finished my research into the Executive Committee and finalised my proposal for what the space could become next year. Keep an eye out for updates on this.
  • Met with various students to discuss SU support.
  • Attended a workshop on Pronouns, led by LGBTQ+ Society co-Presidents Fraser and Chloe.


  • Delivered a Q&A session to Year 13s about the SU and what we do.
  • Vice-Chaired the SU Board of Trustee April meeting.
  • Met with my EO buddies to talk through ideas and campaigns.
  • Started discussion with the University about how to best involved students with the development of their new strategic plan.
  • Developed our plans for this year's SU awards, a joint online event between Sports and Societies, specifically recognising student impact and achievement.
  • Chaired the April Executive Meeting.
  • Attending University Council with Imaani. 
  • Met with Clare Peterson from the Equality and Diversity team at the University to talk through the changes to the Exec structure. 
  • Sat on University panels for Appeals, Complaints and other procedures. 
  • Spent time preparing the graphic elements for the upcoming 'Thank you NHS and Key Workers' Varsity.
  • Met with a member of the Cabinet Office to see how we could get students involved in working at the May elections.
  • Attended the Worcester and Gloucestershire Pledge signing to film some elements for the livestream content.
  • Attended the University's Ethics and Integrity Committee. 
  • Led two induction talks into the SU and what we do. 
  • Had our monthly meeting with the University Executive. 
  • Contributed towards the Building Belonging University meeting.
  • Met SU officers around the country to discuss further national rent conversations. 
  • Met with University colleagues to discuss Value for Money and how students perceive VfM and what the University can do to work towards the issue. 
  • Recorded a podcast with the Sustainability team about Tech and the TV/Film industry.
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