Imaani Mitchell, 2020/21 Students' Union Education Officer

Charlotte McFarland

Activites and Opportunities Officer

As Activities and Opportunities Officer, Charlotte is responsible for supporting sports clubs and societies and helping to develop your student experience through events, volunteering opportunities and more. Leading crucial campaigns and lobbying student concerns to the university and beyond. Charlotte is also a director of the charity of the Students' Union, sitting on the Board of Trustees to make important decisions on matters of finance, accounts and overall running of the charity. 

Manifesto Points

Bounce Back -

I want to ensure all sports, societies and groups at this university have the right guidance to return after COVID-19. To offer the support for the growth to reach the potential all individuals have. Not only this but bounce back mentally, it's been a tough time for everyone, and I will continue to fight for the development of wellbeing support across the university but also to propose the idea of employing a sports psychologist who can work with the variant of sporting mindsets.

Money Matters -

My aim is to secure a sponsorship for the SU which can be invested into clubs who don't perhaps receive the financial support they require, to allow them to grow and further better themselves. Likewise, I want to be on hand, to provide support to all clubs, societies, and groups to meet their aims and push them in the right direction in terms of generating money.

University Community -

Monthly meetings with all committee members, to set targets, keep people engaged, and generate new members. I would like to promote a sport-society cohesion, it would be nice to connect with new people and help each other grow as the University of Gloucestershire. Looking in from potential prospective students when university events arise, being connected as a university in all areas is something I would like to work closely with all SU officers to achieve.

What Hope Is Working On

Monthly Updates


I have just started this role... check back in soon for updates on what I've been working on.