Student Subject Coordinators

The purpose of a Student Subject Coordinators are to improve the quality of the student experience at the University of Gloucestershire by engaging effectively with Course Reps and students. To work actively and enhance a more effective approach to teaching, learning and the wider student experience. The SSC will advocate for the student voice at a variety of levels both within the Students’ Union and the University of Gloucestershire. The role contributes to the shaping of all aspects of the student experience, both academic and non-academic. All SSC's are highly valued by the University, the Students’ Union and the students from their Subject Community!


School of Arts




Ellie Mattey (She/Her)

Performing Arts and Production

Abbie Wood (she/her)


Christine Van Noe (she/her)



Reece Ogden (he/him)

Architecture and Constructed Environments

Hamish Mason (he/him)


School of Computing and Engineering


Creative Computing

 Lucy Smith (she/her)

Technical and Applied Computing

(currently recruiting)

Engineering Technologies

 Hamza Patel (he/him)

School of NSS


Environmental Sciences

Phoebe Eade (she/her)

Psychological Sciences

Kate James (she/her)

Social Sciences

Kyah Munns (she/her)

School of Media



 Film and TV

Devlin Price (he/him)

Music & Sound

Katie Thomas (she/her)

Journalism & Communications

Aoife Harkin (she/her)

The Buisness School



Marketing, Events and Tourism 

(currently recruiting)

Strategy, Enterprise Leadership and Management

Calum Rivers-Cole (he/him)

Law, Accounting and Finance

Cecilia Obazee (she/her)

School of Education and Humanities 



Anna Davies (she/her)


Eleanor Macdonald-Hill (she/her)

Teacher Education

Charlotte Potter (she/her)

School Health and Social Care



Kimberly Hawkins (she/her)

Allied Health Proffesions

 Chris Smith (he/him)

Social Work

 Rachel Fairhurst (she/her)

School of Sport and Exercise 


Applied Sport & Exercise Sciences

Issac Parker-Scott (he/him)

Sports Leadership, Education & Society

Hassan Deen (he/him)