Top Tip #4 - Submit assessments like a pro


Once you have finished your assessment - whether it is an essay, presentation, video or portfolio - for required online submissions, you must submit it via Moodle no later than 3pm on the day of the deadline (yes, even 3:00:01 - one second after 3pm - is too late). You can find out more about how to submit assignments via MyGlos Help here, but there are a few things to consider before you submit your assignments.

Word Count

Make sure you’ve read the assessment brief carefully; paying particular attention to the word count. It’s important you keep your assignment within the specified wordcount, as you can lose marks if you go over the word limit by more than 10%. You’ll lose 5 marks for every 10% of your assignment in excess of the word limit (e.g. if you write a 1,200 word assignment for an assessment with a 1,000 word limit, you’ll lose 5 marks just for writing too much). You can read more about this in point 6.14 in Section 6 (Assessment) of the Academic Regulations for Taught Provision.


Timing is key when it comes to submitting assessments. Whilst the standard deadline for assessments is 3pm on the day of the deadline, you should aim to submit the assessment at least a couple of hours before (but ideally a day or so before); especially if your file size is large or you have to upload multiple documents. Submitting assessments a few hours before the deadline gives your assessments enough time to upload to Moodle and allows you time to seek support if you run into any technical difficulties (such as poor internet connection or Moodle issues). The 3pm deadline ensures there are staff around to help with any last-minute queries too (during term time).


Once you have submitted an assessment on Moodle, you can’t edit, change or swap it - even if you realise something’s wrong before the deadline - so it’s important to ensure that what you’re submitting is correct. Before you submit your assessment, take a few moments to check you’ve uploaded the correct version of the correct document and haven’t missed out any supporting materials. You should also check you’re submitting the assessment to the right place in Moodle (e.g. the correct module). If you’re unsure speak to your Module Tutor or a member of staff in the Student or IT and Library Helpzones (before 3pm of course).

Extenuating Circumstances

If you’ve experienced extenuating circumstances (such as illness, bereavement or you’ve been a victim of crime) whilst completing your assessment, it’s important to seek advice and support before the deadline as extenuating circumstances are not considered once you’re assessment has been submitted. If you think extenuating circumstances might apply to you, speak to your Module or Personal Tutor, or a member of staff in the Student Helpzones as soon as possible.