Top Tip #7 - Know your reassessments from your retakes

Everyone at the university and SU want you to do as well as you can in all of your assessments, but we also understand that sometimes, things don’t always go to plan. So it’s important to know what to do and where you can seek support if you don’t achieve the grades you had hoped for.

I failed a module, what happens now?

If your overall grade for the module is between 1-39%, you will normally be offered one opportunity for reassessment. A reassessment involves submitting additional work in accordance to a reassessment brief. It’s important to know that all pieces of work submitted as reassessments are capped at 40% and there is normally an additional administrative charge you will have to pay to cover the cost of the reassessment. Reassessment briefs are provided in a similar format to assessment briefs, so it’s important you read the reassessment brief carefully so you know exactly what work you are expected to do for the reassessment.

What happens if you fail a reassessment?

If you have failed a reassessment, you may have the opportunity to retake the module once more in full at the next available opportunity (often in the next academic year). This is known as your second attempt at the module. If you retake a module, you will be expected to attend all scheduled learning sessions and complete all assessments required for the module. You will also be required to pay the full fee of the module in addition to your usual tuition fees - staff in the Money advice team can normally advise you how much this is likely to cost. Assessments submitted for modules taken as a second attempt are not capped at 40% (unless they are submitted as reassessments for modules taken as a second attempt).

I am retaking a module but already passed one of the assignments, does this mean I only need to complete the assignments that I failed?

No. If you are retaking a module, you will be required to complete all of the assessments again (none of your previous assessment grades on the module will count towards the overall module grade).

My overall module grade is 0%, am I eligible for reassessment?

No; if you’re overall module grade is 0% you are not eligible for reassessment and must retake the module in full at the next available opportunity (known as a second attempt at a module).

I failed an optional module and its reassessment; can I take an alternative module instead?

Maybe. If the module (and its reassessment) that you have failed was optional, you might be able to choose to take an alternative at the same level as the original module but this will be counted as your second attempt at the module (i.e. you will not be able to retake another module if you fail the alternative module).

I passed a module but I am not happy with my grade, can I retake it?

No; if you achieved the specified pass mark for your module, you are not eligible to retake it or submit a reassessment. The same rules apply for every assessment i.e. you can’t retake any assessment if you achieved the specified pass mark for the module that the assessment contributed to.

Do these rules apply to everyone?

Occasionally students are not eligible for any reassessments or retakes. This is normally due to Professional or Statutory Regulatory Body (PSRB) requirements for courses that require professional registration (such as Social Work, Nursing and Allied Health, Teacher Education etc.). Details for courses that do not allow reassessments or retakes can be found in Appendix 1 (List of Approved Variations to the Academic Regulations) of the relevant Academic Regulations for Taught Provision (look for any variations to regulation no. 6.12).

More information on reassessments and retakes can be found in Section 6 (Assessments) of the Academic Regulations for Taught Provision but if you’ve still got questions, feel free to email or