Top Tip #9 - Understand your grades


Most assessments will receive a grade A-D (pass) but occasionally you may get awarded a different grade so it’s important to understand what they all mean. We’ve put together a handy little guide below to help you get to grips with all the possible grades and what they mean.

SB: Suspected assessment offence (take a look at our guide to assessment offences for more information on what to do if you receive this grade)

BR: Confirmed assessment offence

L: Assessment incomplete due to approved extenuating circumstances

N: Non-completion of one or more elements of assessment (i.e. you haven’t submitted the correct amount of (if any) work for assessment)

W: You have withdrawn from the assessment (in accordance with the enrolment and registration policy). This grade won’t be considered in any progression or award calculations (i.e. it won’t contribute to your final degree classification).

The following grades apply to individual assessments only (i.e. not overall module grades):

A, B, C or D: Pass

F: Fail (0-39%)

N: Non-completion (i.e. you haven’t submitted any work for assessment)

S: Satisfactory

UF: Unsatisfactory

UN: Unsatisfactory due to non-completion

For your overall module grade, you may receive any of the following grades:

A, B, C, or D: Pass

QF: Qualified fail (you are eligible for reassessment)

R: Fail (1-39% - you are eligible for reassessment)

F: Fail (0% - you are not eligible for reassessment - take at our look guide to reassessments and retakes which may explain why)

F: Fail following reassessment (0-39%)

S: Satisfactory

UR: Unsatisfactory (but eligible for reassessment)

UF: Unsatisfactory (not eligible for reassessment due to non-submission i.e. you aren’t eligible for reassessment because you did not submit any work)

UF: Unsatisfactory following reassessment