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  • Drama Society Standard Membership/Subs income£5.00


  • Drama Society Standard Membership/Subs income£5.00

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  • Drama Society Standard Membership/Subs income£5.00

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UoGSU Welcome Week 2021

Drama Society

Hello and welcome to the UoG Drama Society!

Our Society: 

We are all about encouraging people to improve and develop skills. Sessions will not only include enacting scenes, monologues or dialogues, vocal and body warm-ups, improvisations and mime, but also many fun activities. We also encourage our members to attempt script-writing. Last Christmas, we performed a play written by one of our own members called 'Dave's Hectic Night'. Additionally, like every society, we enjoy organising plenty of social activities outside the usual sessions. 


We aim to put on at least two performances a year, a Christmas and a Summer production. Due to the current circumstances, we may not be able to hold our traditional Christmas production, yet we are examing other options, such as creating a short film. No prior drama experience is needed.

You are welcome regardless if you are passionate about the field, looking to try something new or simply wanting to make new friends. The society will cater for all levels, with our current president who studied Speech and Drama for 7 years and gained an accredited Teaching Diploma. 

If you want to be in a performance, especially as one of the main characters, we suggest joining earlier in the term. 

Sessions are based at FCH campus, usually at 7pm on Mondays. 

Come along and see what we are all about!

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Contact us:

If you have any inquiries, regardless of how small you may perceive them as, please do not hesitate to contact the society through our email address or social media. 

  • Instagram: dramasocietyglos
  • Facebook: UOG Drama society
  • Email: uogdrama@gmail.com


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