The SU Advice service is... 

  • Impartial  

  • Confidential 

  • Independent 

Whether you are looking for support understanding a university process, think you have been treated unfairly, need support through an appeals or complaint process or want support understanding your options, the independent SU Advice service is the place to turn. 

How can we support you: 

The Advice service is here to listen to you and support you finding the best route of support for your specific case. This may include....

  • Signposting you to the service that may best support your needs and queries. 

  • Supporting you in meetings with university colleagues to resolve cases. 

  • Supporting you in advocating for your case. 

  • Supporting you through specific University processes. 

What university process can we support you through: 

  • Academic appeals 

  • Complaints 

  • Suspected breaches 

  • Fitness to Practice 

  • Financial conflict with the university 

  • Withdrawal issues 

How do the university support services differ from the SU Advice service?

The SU Advice service operates under the Students' Union. We work separately to the university. This means we can work alongside university colleagues and departments to support you, however, we can also support you in advocating for yourself and finding answers and solutions if you are in conflict with the university. 

We can offer broad support and advocacy and are here to support you finding the best possible outcome for your situation. For specialized advice in areas such as housing, finances, mental health, we may signpost you to the most appropriate University team. 

FAQ’s for Advice Website

How can I book an appointment with the Advice Service?

Using webpage, you can find a booking form for the Advice Service on the Advice page.

Use this link to take you to a Microsoft team booking form and book in a time slot and day.

This form gives us details of the case, your school and level of study and general background.

Everyone needs to book using the form to allow for consistent record keeping and ensure we have enough detail to prepare for the meeting

What to do if you have issues with the bookings form?

The bookings form is checked on an ongoing basis.

Before emailing, check that you have:

- Tried booking in using your university issued email address.

- You have filled in all the fields in the form,

- Ensure you have selected an available time and date.

If you still cannot access the bookings form after having tried these options, email We will then try to resolve any issues within the bookings form.


How does the Advice service support UOG students?

The advice service is a safe and confidential space for students to come for advice and guidance We are here specifically to assist and guide you through academic processes, as well as listen to you and signpost you to the most appropriate support service Assisting and guiding you through academic processes can take the form of; providing context and ideas on how to write an appeal, complaint or Professional suitability and Fitness to Practice response explaining the process and policy of appeals, complaints and professional suitability and Fitness to Practice procedures Signposting to Helpzones to receive extenuating circumstances Helping you to understand the evidence you may need for pursuing a case We are here to support you through advocacy and supporting you in self-advocating in your specific case. We are here to support students in processes to help them achieve the best outcome they can, however, we are not able to provide legal respresentation for students. We will signpost to other services where appropriate e.g. mental health and wellbeing and money advice.

Where can I find essential resources?

You can find core University services on myglos

What is expected from students when accessing the advice service? 

  • Students are expected to attend meetings on time or give at least 30 minutes notice if they cannot attend.
  • The Advice Service handles many cases, so students are expected to follow up with the appropriate support services they are signposted to, and book in meetings with the services themselves.
  • The Advice service staff can attend meetings with students in a supportive capacity, however, the student needs to book these in and alert the advice service as to when they want to receive this support.

We are available Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm.

View our advice page to see how we can help.

We are available Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm.

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