Here at UoGSU we want sport to be accessible for all, no matter who you are or your experience. 

What this means in practice is holding players, spectators, coaches and the wider community around sport to a really high standard and calling in behaviour that drops below our required standard.

We work closely with our University partners to make sure everyone has a shared understanding of how we want sport to be played and the atmosphere we want to create. 

Being part of #TeamGlos should be an unforgetable experience for everyone and we're committed to making sure that's the case. 

There are four main ways that we develop our inclusive sports culture:

Student Leader Training

Each year we deliver an extensive programme of training and support for students who lead student sports teams. This takes many forms from online session to in person conferences. One of the largest events is our annual Student Leader Training Conference which takes place in September. You can learn more about the schedule this year here

Student Sport Code of Conduct

There are 5 core values that each student agrees to when they sign up to join a sports club here at UoGSU. They are Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Opportunity, Respect and Trust. You can read the whole Code of Conduct here

Coaches Code of Conduct

We know that coaches play a big part in setting and shaping the culture of sports clubs. That's why we ask that all our club coaches sign up to a code of conduct as well. The code sets out how we want coaches to work with students and the behaviours we want them to promote. You can read the whole code of conduct for coaches here


Get Support When There's a Problem

Often we know the easiest way to solve an issue is by speaking to a member of the SU staff team about the issue but sometimes that doesn't feel possible. We've worked with the University to create a simple, online tool where you can reach out and let us know that you need support with something that does feel right.You can access the tool here


That's not all

There's even more to learn about how we make sport at UoG a place for everyone, click on buttons below to find out more:


Pay in 2 

We know that the cost of participating in sport can be a lot for students to pay all in one go. That's why in 2022 we brought in the 'Pay in 2' scheme which allows you to pay TeamGlos membership in two parts, one in September and one in January.


Activities Access Fund 

The Activity Access Fund was created to support those students who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate in their chosen activity due to the cost.


Reporting Tool 

UoG have an incident reporting tool where you can report if you have been made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, regardless of how that incident might be defined.


Swim 4 All 

A programme set up by the Swimming and Waterpolo team working with Unisport, this offers the chance for people to learn how to swim irrespective of their ability and background.