Our Advice Service is a confidential, independent and impartial resource.

Housed within the Students' Union, we offer professional 1-2-1 advice and guidance. Whether you are in a dispute with the University, need guidance on a process or want advice on where to go next, the SU is the place to start We are available Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm.

How can we help?

We can offer support through academic processes, listen to your concerns and help you weigh up your options. We are here to support you in reaching the best possible outcome for your given situation!

•Have you been accused of a 'breach' of academic regulations?

• Do you feel like you need an advocate for you in a meeting with the University?

• Do you feel that the University isn't upholding their side of the student charter?

• Are you unsure of where to turn to first?

Where can you find us?

We can be found at but the best way to reach us is by completing the bookings form here so we can look over queries as quickly as possible.


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Advice Rooms

We have access to confidential rooms on every campus but our main office is at park Campus. You can expect the following...

-Two soft furnished chairs

-One small table

-One soft lighting floor lamp

-One desk

-Several plastic chairs

-Doors that open inwards, with space left to move around the main part of the room

-A big window


Advice Resources 

Quick guides

We want to support students through the Advice process as smoothly as possible so we have gathered together some simple guides that might help answer your question more quickly!

How to Write an Appeal 

How to Write a Breach Response 

How to Structure a Compliant 

University processes for Appeals and Complaints 

A Student Guide to Assessments and Referencing 

When submitting a formal (stage 2) appeal or complaint, all students will be required to fill in the appeals or complaints forms. This is part of the process. The documents below are to support you getting started and generating ideas of how you could structure your personal statement. You are not limited to these ideas.

For specific queries around the appeals and complaints process, please contact


We know some of the words and terms used are tricky so we've created a resource to help!

Read the advice glossary