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-Sports Club Membership

-Refund Policy

-What your membership includes

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TeamGlos Code of Conduct

All students playing sport at the University of Gloucestershire must agree to our Sport Code of Conduct. Before purchasing your membership, please make sure you read it in full. Click this link to read the TeamGlos code of conduct.  

By purchasing a membership, you agree to the TeamGlos code of conduct.

TeamGlos Memberships

To join a competitive (training, competing, social) sport team at UoG, you need a TeamGlos Compete membership (and Sports Club Membership below).

To join a sports team for just recreational purposes (training and socialising only) then you are required to purchase a TeamGlos Recreational Membership (and Sports Club Membership below).

You have the option to purchase a compete membership or recreational membership. We also offer a pay-in-2 option for the compete membership (£90 and £50)!

TeamGlos Compete Membership gets you access to all club activities, training, BUCS competitions and other competitions.

TeamGlos Recreational Membership gets you access to all club activities and training but not competitions.

Sports Club Memberships

As well as a TeamGlos membership, you also need to be a member of the club(s) you wish to join. All our sports club memberships are below. You can find out more about each club on their indiviudal pages here.

Refund Policy

You can read our Sports Club and Society Refund Policy in full here.

To request a refund please complete the Refund Request Form. Your request will be reviewed with in 10 working days by a member of the SU Activities Team.

What your membership includes

- Training facilities and times

- Affiliation to BUCS

- BUCS League and Event entries

- Affiliation to your National Governing Body

- Playing kit and equipment (team dependent and if applicable)

- Match Officials (if applicable)

- Coaching staff (if applicable)

- Transport (minibuses / coaches / fuel) (if applicable)

- Accident Insurance 

- Staff time to support the running of your Sports Club

- First Aid Cover and Supplies

- Student Training sessions (First Aid qualification, Student Leaders qualification, etc.)

There may be some additional costs associated with your sport. For example accomodation if your event/trip is over a weekend of specific items of kit that will be owned by the individuals. Speak to your committee for full details about additional costs.

Checks will be carried out every week to ensure all memberships have been paid by all match day players and compeition entrants. 

Please note that we reserve the right to stop a student representing the SU or the Univeristy in Sport. This is if we feel there are concerns about your attendance and/or engagement with your academic studies. The SU and the universtiy maintain a dialougue on such matters, so please bear that in mind.