With the cancellation of BUCS leagues for 2020-21, and the uncertainty of competitive sport at a local level, all clubs will have one level of membership - Social & Train Only. This for the majority of clubs is £25. Some clubs may have a slightly cost, and this is due to additional costs of their sport such as extra facilities not on a University owned site. In addition to your club membership, you are also required to have Team Glos Card, more information below. At a time where value for money is really important to students, we want to provide some clarity into how your memberships are spent. 

Why is the minimum membership £25? While each club has very different costs, £25 per person has been calculated as the minimum viable cost to ensure that a club can function for it's core purpose - providing training and activities to it's members. These costs include:

- Affiliation to a national governing body (NGB): ~£6-8 per person / £80-100 per team.
- Team owned match kit (not all clubs have this): ~£10 per person.
- Team owned equipment (such as balls): ~ £3-5 per person.
- Additional Facility Costs (not on University sites): ~£5 per person, per session.
- Cost of one match: ~£3-5 per person. 

TOTAL COST: ~£27 - 33 per person.


What is a Team Glos card?

A Team Glos card is your membership to sport at the university and costs £20 for the academic year (ending in July). You are only required to have one Team Glos Card regardless of how many sports clubs you are a member of. The cost of this is calculated as follows:

- Athlete Injury Insurance: ~£8 per person.
- Registration to University Sport (national): ~£7 per person. 
- Contribution to running costs of SU sport at Univesrity: £5. 

Due to what the card covers, most notably your insurance and regsitration, we are unable to refund these once you've purchased them, whether you have trained once, or one hundred times.

Your insurance covers you for injury while you are taking part in ANY club activity; everything from training and playing, through to travelling and social activities. If you would like more infromation on the sports cover, and what exactly you're covered for, please contact the SU and we'll be happy to provide you with the information. 

Registration to University Sport is calculated based on the number of studenst at a university (~£8-11 per student), not just the number of players that compete, while the SU covers some of this charge, we charge a smaller amount per students who actually take part in sport. 

Finally the contribution to running SU sport helps us keep things ticking over in the sports office to help all clubs; things such as buying first aid equipment for teams to come and collect for training and matches, our memberships to schemes which help provide reduced transport and accomodation, helping fund thing such as live streams for matches. Also - you're always welcome to a cup of tea whenever you coming in to speak to us in Oxstalls. 


How was my membership refund calculated? 

At the start of the year, you may have purchased a BUCS or local league membership which was partially refunded in February. There have been a few questions on how we calculated this refund, so we'd like to make it clear and be transparent with you. 

Method 1:
- Member owes no money for kit. 
- You received the difference between what you paid for your higher membership to the minimum £25 (see above for details). 


Method 2:
- Member owes money for kit. 
- You received the difference between what you paid for your higher membership to the minimum £25 less the cost of the kit you owe 
- i.e. Your membership was £125, you owe £50 in kit, you received £50 refund (£100 initial refund - £50 kit = £50 final refund) 


Method 3:
- Member opened more money for kit than their refund.
- You received the difference between what you paid for your higher membership to the minimum £25 less the cost of the kit you owe. You receieve an invoice for the final amount of money you owe in kit.
- i.e. Your membership was £125, you owe £150 in kit, you received £0 refund and are invoiced remaining £50 (£100 initial refund - £150 kit = £50 amount due) 


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