What is Student Voice? 

Student Voice is one of the key elements of the Student's Union (SU), providing students with an outlet through which to express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas for change. Here at UoGSU, we firmly believe that you are passionate about wanting to see impactful changes made that benefit your University experience - this is exactly what Student Voice helps facilitate.

Through our elected and hired Student Representatives, and our online feedback tools (Voice It & Change It), we hear your feedback and endeavour to make changes based on what you're telling us. Whether you have suggestions for the running of your course, which can include anything from course content to assignment briefs; or you might have suggestions for improving certain facilities around campus - we want to hear it all!

Our Student Representatives are tasked with listening to your feedback, and working with various academics and departments within the University to help action change. Our Student Rep scheme is comprised of:


Full-Time Officers

Our three Full-Time Officers are elected by students, for students. Our Officers run separate campaigns throughout the academic year, each focused on tackling issues that students are confronted with. Their campaigns also entail putting on a variety of events throughout the year and being a point of contact for all students!


Student Voice Assistants 

Student Voice Assistants are part-time, hired students who work with various academics within their school to improve the academic experience of students. We have a select group of Student Voice Assistants for each of the four schools, so head to the relevant link on the right to see who's in your school! 


Course Representatives

Our Course Representatives (Reps) are voluntary roles elected by students in our Course Rep elections. We have over 500 Course Reps, each representing a different course for each level of study. You can always get in touch with your Course Reps if you ever have some feedback to raise about the running of your course, or you can submit your feedback to Voice It where the SU can review it.


Network Leads

Network Leads are voluntary, elected roles that represent a particular community of students. Some of our Networks include the LGBTQ+ Network, Black, Asian and ME+ Network, Societies Network, and loads more! Networks are a great way to meet people from similar backgrounds and with shared experiences and/or interests. Head to the relevant link on the right for more info!

Ultimately, there are so many ways you can make your voice heard and campaign for change here at UoGSU. As always, feel free to get in touch at su@glos.ac.uk for more info on anything mentioned above!