Why advertise at the University of Gloucestershire Students' Union?

With four cutting-edge campuses situated in the UK's largest area of outstanding natural beauty, UOGSU is at the forefront of this exciting and dynamic environment. With a new campus being built in Gloucester City Centre, the Students' Union is continually expanding and growing its student base with a cohort of over 9,000 students, who are engaged, active, and eager to participate in new opportunities. 


Introducing Native: Our Media Partner

To advertise with us online or on campus, please get in touch with native. As University of Gloucestershire Student's Union’s exclusive advertising partner, native powers our campus media and can help you to build sustainable and impactful relationships with 18-25-year-old students.
Learn more about the advertising opportunities at University of Gloucestershire Student's Union via our Media Pack

To book your next campaign and start reaching students at University of Gloucestershire Student's Union, get in touch with native today.



Licensed Night Time Venues

Here at UOGSU, it might sound like we've got it all, but one thing we are missing is an on-campus nightclub. That's why we want to work with reputable licensed venues in Gloucestershire to be able to promote great nights out to our students, by selling advertising space on our media assets. 

If you are interested in advertising your venue with us, please email:

Becky Fieldhouse - Head of Marketing and Commercial

bfieldhouse1@glos.ac.uk for more information.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to promote your venue or business to a diverse and engaged student audience, University of Gloucestershire's Students' Union is the perfect platform for your advertising needs.