The SU spaces are available to be booked FOR FREE by any students or staff members for events, socials, course gatherings, society meet ups or if you just want the space for you and your friends. 

You can book the space by itself or you can book the space and the bar. There are some conditions to having the bar open:

  • In order for us to have the bar remain commercially viable, we can only open if you expect a minimum of £25/hour being spent to cover the cost of the staff and stock. You would only be charged for the difference, so what is not spent by attendees, after the event.
  • What does this mean? It is easy to spend £25 per hour! If you want the bar open for 3 hours, over those 3 hours you will need to spend a minimum of £75 in total and between 20 people, as an example, this would be a minimum spend of £3.75 each which is less than a pint of Kermit. 

How to book the spaces

1. Visit and go through the login page and you should be able to select ‘Book a Students’ Union Space’ 
2. Click on which SU space you would like to book
3. Click on the calendar on the day/time you would like to book the space
4. Complete the booking form
5. If you have selected that you would like the bar open for the booking or you want your event to be added to the What’s On page, you’ll be contacted for more information
6. Wait for confirmation of your booking