It is FEEDBACK FORTNIGHT and we are taking over the Voice It page to ask YOU about the Cost of STUDENT Living Crisis!

The cost of living has increased dramatically in recent years and has led to deepened economic hardship, declining mental health, and a pervasive sense of uncertainty about the future in this country - students are not an exception to these impacts. The cost of student living affects us all, but disproportionately affects people from a lower socio-economic background, and those with protected characteristics.

We want to use Student feedback to lobby the university and government so hearing from you will help us do that!



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Every student! This tool is open 24/7 for you to quickly fill in any issues you may have.

Not to us, but yes to others. All feedback goes to the Student Voice team where we collect data from your log in details that helps us monitor trends across campuses, year groups and courses. We will share your feedback with the relevant SU officers, staff, departments, services, or reps who can help progress ideas and effect change but it will be anonymised.

We will sort through and send out your feedback to the relevant parties. We note down with big issues. We action feedback and then report changes back to you! Check out our Hot Topics page here GDPR Note for Students: If you give us your name and email we only collect these to help us map out what issues are occurring in which areas of the University. This means we can email you with updates on your feedback and report back to you when completed. Your data remains within the Union and Uni.