Network Lead elections: 2nd - 13th October!

Network Lead elections 2023-24 

No elections are currently running


What are Networks?

Student Networks create spaces for students from a variety of different communities and backgrounds to connect. Networks are a great way for students from similar backgrounds and communities to come together and share their experiences and interests. Networks are driven by collective action, and they work as representative bodies that can lead campaigns and hold forums for discussion. As well as this, Networks can serve as a social space for students to come together and socialise!


What are Network Leads? 

Network Leads are the elected representative of a given Network. As such, they are responsible for attending various meetings with the SU, contributing to discussions on how to improve University life for students in different communities. Our Networks are split into 3 distinct zones: the Education & Community Zone, Activities & Opportunities Zone, and the Welfare & Diversity Zone. Network Leads will sit in zone meetings with SU staff, one Full-Time Officer, and other Network Leads in their zone to discuss ways to improve UoG. What's great is that each Network Lead will bring forward a different perspective to these meetings, as they all represent different communities. This means that we hear from students across a wide range of communities!

Membership of Networks is free and open, just like membership of the Union. To be a member of a particular Network, you must also be eligible to be part of that community. For instance, only members of the LGBTQ+ community can join the LGBTQ+ Network, only International Students can join the International Students Network, etc. If you're unsure whether you are eligible to join a particular Network, please contact 

Check out the below to see what fantastic networks we already have...


Education & Community Zone

Student Subject Coordinator x2

Postgraduate Students Network - vacant 

Campus Experience Network - vacant 

NUS Conference Delegate x2 - Aminul Islam


Activities & Opportunities Zone

Sports Network - ​Vacant 

Societies Network - Izzie Jary (

Sustainability Network - vacant 

Volunteers Network - Victoria Witherington (


Welfare & Diversity Zone

Mental Health Network - vacant 

Women+ Students Network - vacant 

Students with Disabilities Network - Sofia Stephenson-Bell (

LGBTQ+ Network - vacant 

Mature Students Network - Phoneix Daccache (

Black, Asian and ME+ Network -    Md Rajib Mia  (

International Students Network - Fisayo Olaleye (

Parents and Carers Network Vacant 

Care Leavers Network ​Vacant 


Apply to be a Network Lead 

Please see above a list of all available Networks in each of the 3 zones (please note that Networks with names beside them are the Network Leads!):

If you are interested in any of the vacant roles above, please contact to nominate yourself. Our next Network Lead elections are scheduled for this October!

Check out our Network Handbook to find out more!